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HTWJB-6H Microcomputer Relay Protection Test System - HTWJB-6H

relay protection test system, 1.connect computer, 2.it will be with strong operating functions, 3.It is small in volume. - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/HTWJB-6H-Microcomputer-Relay-Protection-Test-System-10073290/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Hubei China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huatian Model Number: HTWJB-6H relative humidity: ≤90% temperature: -10℃ ~ +45℃ dimension: 420x190x470mm

Product Features:

relay protection test system

1.connect computer

2.it will be with strong operating functions

3.It is small in volume.

Business Terms:

Port: shanghai/wuhan

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 20 Set/Sets per Day

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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HTWJB-6H Microcomputer Relay Protection Test System
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: carton or wooden case

Delivery Detail: 20 days after everything be confirmed

Specifications and Product Details:

relay protection test system, three phase replay protection calibrator, microprocessor relay protection calibrator.

This product designed based on Protection and Tester technique of microprocessor and customers suggestions, summarize the advantages of similar products, fully used modern microprocessor technique and components to be a new, small, microprocessor relay tester.

Products features

1. classic Windows XP operation interface, friendly man-machine interface, easy and fast to operate.
2. embedded industrial computer (high performance) and 8.4”LCD, can provide abounding information, such as working condition, next step indicating and help information.
3. equipped ultra-thin industrial keyboard and mouse, can finish all operations using keyboard or mouse as operating PC.
4. equipped with external USB interface, it is easy to store the data and maintain the software.
5.need not connect other external equipment , the device can finish all the tests, auto display, record the test data, describe the vector graph and performance curve.
6.adopts high performance D/A converter, the generated waveform in high precision, good linearity , with good transient response and amplitude frequency characteristic.
7.totally different with curve fitting method to generate the waveform, this device use special arithmetic to ensure the signal to be sine wave.
8.can directly output AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage, DC current, alterable amplitude, phase , frequency, 2~20 times harmonic
9. Power amplifier uses new type, high power, high fidelity modular linear amplifier circuit, with high output power, small wave interface, each phase can output 120V, current can output 30A. The waveform is distortion-less and no clipping when the output current up to 30A.
10.with 16 switch input and 8 pairs dead contact output interface, the switch input can auto adapt passive, active contacts, and the polarity of the active contacts, can normally work within the range of ±250V of the input voltage.
11.provide kinds of auto test software and GPS synchronizer trigger test (selective)
12.GPS synchronization trigger error<50μS
13.can finish all kinds of complicated tests, convenient to test and scan all kinds of protection setting, can store test results, display vector graph, print report forms at any time.
14.uses special designed structure of case, small in volume , good radiating performance, light in weight, easy to carry, convenient for flow test.
15.the device with self protection function, uses radiating structure in reasonable design, with kinds of reliable and perfect protection measurement , power soft start, and some fault self-diagnosis and latch-up functions.

Products parameters

1. AC power supply
single phase output:6*30A
six phases parallel: 180A
the maximum power output: ≥250VA/phase
current output amplitude for each phase, frequency and phase can be separately adjusted
output accuracy:
0.1A ~0.5A:±10mA
0.5A ~10A:±0.2%
10A ~ 30A:±0.5%
0.1A ~ 10A:1mA
10A ~ 30A:10mA
single phase continuous output time:
0 ~ 5A , without continuous output
5A ~ 10A, ≥45 seconds
10A ~ 20A, ≥10 seconds
20A ~ 30A, ≥3 seconds
2. AC voltage source
single phase output:6×120V
the maximum power output:≥60VA/phase
the voltage source which 6 phases with common neutrality point
current output amplitude for each phase, frequency and phase can be separately adjusted
output accuracy:
1V ~ 5V:±10mV
1V ~ 10V:1mV
3. DC current source
single phase output:-5A ~ +5A
the maximum power output≥100VA
output accuracy:
±0.5A ~ ±1A:±10mA
±1A ~ ±5A:±0.5%
±0.5A ~ ±1A:1mA
±1A ~ ±5A:10mA
4.DC voltage source
single phase output:-150V ~ +150V
the maximum power output≥100VA
output accuracy:
±1V ~ ±10V:±10mV
±10V ~ ±150V:±0.5%
±1V ~ ±10V:1mV
±10V ~ ±150V:10mV
5.AC voltage, current angle

phase angle range:0°~ 360°
phase angle accuracy:±0.5°
phase angle resolution:0.1°
6. AC voltage, current frequency
Frequency range:1~1000Hz
Frequency accuracy:
1Hz ~ 100Hz:±0.005Hz
100Hz ~ 1000Hz:±0.01Hz
Frequency resolution:1mHz
can output 2 ~ 20 times harmonic at any amplitude
7. Synchronization
current, voltage synchronization ≤10μS
8. Switch input
16 independent switch contact input
compatible dead contact with 15V ~ 250V active contacts, can auto identify the polarity of the active contacts
timing precision: less than 1S ≤1mS
9.switching value
8 pairs programmable switch dead contact output
contact capacity:
10. Power supply
AC output voltage
rating:220V ± 10%
reference value:220V ± 2%
AC power supply frequency:
rating:50Hz ± 10%
reference value:50Hz ± 2%
11. Dimension and weight
12. Service conditions
relative humidity:≤90%
atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa

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