Measuring Tools
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Carbon AnalyzersConcentration MetersDensitometers
Gas AnalyzersMoisture MetersPH Meters
Other Analysis Instruments  
Innov-x Delta XRF Handheld Analyzer
Analizzatori Niton XL2 800
Innov-x Omega XRF Handheld Analyzer


high speed automatic mounter/ pick and place /component counter SMTVIP 600
SMT high speed automatic mounter/ pick and place /component counter SMTVIP 600
People counter COMPTIPIX

Electrical Instruments

Battery TestersClamp MetersCurrent Meters
Energy MetersFrequency MetersMultimeters
Measuring PotentiometersPower MetersResistance Meters
Voltage MetersOther Electrical Instruments 
Fluke 1550B MegOhmMeter Digital Insulation
Fluke 199C Scope Meter Color
Fluke SimpiFiber 1450 Pro Complete

Electronic Measuring Instruments

Industrial Metal DetectorsOscilloscopesSignal Generators
Spectrum AnalyzersOther Electronic Measuring Instruments 
GD-0631 Asphalt Float Tester/ floating tester
IP 54 rated High sensitive handheld metal detector
TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Flow Measuring Instruments

Flow MetersFlow SensorsGas Meters
Water MetersOther Flow Measuring Instruments 
Gas Flow Computer
Mass Flow Computer
Steam Flow Computer

Instrument Parts & Accessories

Strain Gage YBA120-5BC
GD-265G Low Temperature Kinematic viscometer
Pressure Transducer YCY11PM

Level Measuring Instruments

Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensors - C-Series H2 Housing
Transparent ANSI standard water level gauge
UDM-R1 Series guide wave radar level transmitter

Measuring & Gauging Tools

Dial IndicatorsGaugesMicrometers
Tape MeasuresVernier CalipersOther Measuring & Gauging Tools
Low Chalk Loss Chalk line reel XC-015A
digital coating thickness gauge
Laboratory Equipment

Optical Instruments

Laser LevelsLaser RangefindersLenses
MagnifiersMicroscopesNight Vision
Optical FiltersPrismsRefractometers
SpectrometersTheodolitesTelescope & Binoculars
Other Optics Instruments  
Mini-Thermal Monocular w/Helmet Mount & Night Vision Filter
Everest VIT XLPRO PXLM625C Inspection Camera
Thermal Scope & Monocular

Physical Measuring Instruments

Force Measuring InstrumentsHardness TestersHeight Measuring Instruments
Speed Measuring InstrumentsWidth Measuring InstrumentsOther Physical Measuring Instruments
PSy - displacement sensor, LVDT
PTs - displacement sensor, LVDT
PKx - displacement sensor, LVDT

Pressure Measuring Instruments

Pressure GaugesPressure MonitorsPressure Regulators
Pressure SensorsPressure TransmittersOther Pressure Measuring Instruments
Computer control cement constant stress compression testing machine
Pressure transducer YCY11
Pressure Transmitter YBG021

Temperature Instruments

Fluke Ti32-IR Thermal Imaging Camera
TI390 fusion infrared thermal camera with visual camera-new technology new product
TI170 thermal fusion camera with visual camera-new technology new product

Testing Equipment

Xl3t goldd+ XRF Handheld Analyzer
Xl3t goldd+ analyzer
Fluke 744 Complete with Case and Accessories


Simple Plastic Stopwatch
Mini Timer
CH7 Series digital LED counter/timer relay

Weighing Scales

Camry Glass Electronic Digital Bathroom Body Weight Watchers Scale
Electronic Balance
Portable Electronic Scale

Measuring & Analysing Instrument Stocks

GD-3536B Semi-auto Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester/bituminous flash point tester/fire point tester
GD-3536B Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester /asphalt flash point tester/fire point tester
GD-0655 Emulsified Asphalt Storage Stability Tester

Used Measuring & Analysing Instruments

Agilent E1413B Scanning A/D Converter
Agilent E1413B Scanning A/D Converter
Agilent E5052A Signal Source Analyzer

Measuring & Analysing Instrument Design Services

GD-5096 Rust Characteristics tester and Corrosion Tester in Distillate Fuels
GPX4500F Metal Detector Deep Search
Wrist Fuzzy Blood Pressure Moniter (MS-931)

Measuring & Analysing Instrument Processing Services

MPL701 - LVDT conditioner
PJy - displacement sensor, LVDT, DC output signal
MPL402 LVDT conditioner

Other Measuring & Analysing Instruments

Durable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector,flaw detector,
portable rebar locator
GD-6307 Asphalt Content Tester/bitumen content tester/pitch content tester