About Us - ABOUT ZULFAHMI LUBIS & EQUIPMENT In the early 2010's the Zulfahmi Lubis Family had a dream of opening a store that specialized in their passions: product sales service electronics . The dream, however, was not to be just another run-of-the-mill store that shuffled customers in and out; the dream was bigger. In 2014 that dream became a reality as Zulfahmi Lubis. Today that dream has led us to become one of the largest sales service electronics dealers in not only - Asia, but across the country being recognized for superior selection and service. We have exactly the motor that you are looking for, but our expertise does not stop there. Technical Knowledge — Our friendly staff is not only passionate about everything we do, but we are factory-certified by the manufacturers for all the products sold through Zulfahmi Lubis. We have the technical knowledge about each and every one of our products in order to answer all of your questions. There is no need to go home and research what you just bought, and we won’t Google the product as we talk to you. Bottom line: here at Zulfahmi Lubis we know and understand the products we sell. You can also looking for the other simillar product and you can place your order directly from our official website, Zulfahmi Lubis Store Website : https://www.zulfahmilubis.com

Company Profile:

Business TypeDistributor/Wholesaler
Business CategoriesAnalyzers;Counters;Electrical Instruments;Electronic Measuring Instruments;Flow Measuring Instruments;Instrument Parts & Accessories;Level Measuring Instruments;Measuring & Gauging Tools;Optical Instruments;Physical Measuring Instruments;Pressure Measuring Instruments;Temperature Instruments;Testing Equipment;Timers;Weighing Scales;Measuring & Analysing Instrument Stocks;Used Measuring & Analysing Instruments;Measuring & Analysing Instrument Design Services;Measuring & Analysing Instrument Processing Services;Other Measuring & Analysing Instruments
Product Rangecomputer, printer, printer machine, laser printer, inkjet printer, print head, camcorder, digital camera, camera lenses, drones, toys, medical equipment, medical electronics
Contact PersonAnton Raga
AddressHitech Mall 1st Floor Blok A No.198
Postal Code60136