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waterproof conductivity electrode probe - FAST-TM-03C

PH electrode manufacturing and supplier;, competitive price,good quality and excellent service, CE approval - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/waterproof-conductivity-electrode-probe-10005131/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: FAST Model Number: FAST-TM-03C

Product Features:

PH electrode manufacturing and supplier;

competitive price,good quality and excellent service

CE approval

Business Terms:

Port: Shenzhen yantian port

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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waterproof conductivity electrode probe
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: factory packing/neutral packing/customer packing

Delivery Detail: 25 days

Specifications and Product Details:

electrode manufacturing and supplier;
competitive price,good quality and excellent service
CE approval


l 100% waterproof -- make the instrument work under water;

l Automatic shutdown -- if forget shutdown, the instrument will be automatic shutdown after 2-3 minutes;

l Digital holding function -- still display the measured value when raised up to liquid level;

l Automatic temperature compensation -- display the measured value when automatically converting to 25°C;

l Fast measuring speed -- use precision and nude sensing element, and finish a measure in 5-30 seconds;

l Easy cleaning -- cleaning electrode, electrode sheath can also be pulled out.


l Pulled out cap;

â Switch on: touch" ON / OFF" button;

â Measurement: make electrode probe immerse in water over electrode sheath;

â Readings: waving gently, read it when indicated value is steady;

â Keep: press "HOLD" button, still read it when raised up to liquid level;

â Shutdown: press "ON / OFF" button;

â Cleaning: after cleaning the electrode probe, throw off residual water;

l Pull on cap.


l Measuring range : 0 ~ 1999mg / L

l Resolution : 1 mg / L

l Working temperature : 0 ~ 50°C

l Precision: ±2% ( F.S )

l Weight : 46g

l Shape size : 156 X 30 X 20 ( mm )

l Battery : CR2025 X 2


l The surface of probe must not be cleaned and touched by hand, so as not to affect accuracy of test;

l It is not advisable to pull off electrode sheath to measure, so as not to affect deviation of indicated value;

l In order to ensure the testing accuracy, do not be automatically adjusted;

l if the indicated value appears unnormal phenomemons,such as big error or waved or nonreturn to zero,etc. first put electrode into alcohol, shaking a few seconds, and quickly take it out of level, in addition to check the battery voltage, if lower than 4.5V, timely replace of batteries;

l The replacement of the battery should pay attention to positive and negative polarity ( the attention to battery spring plate " +" );

l The sealing ring cannot be replaced optionally, so as not to affect the seal effect.


l COND. means "Conductivity”, the unit is μs/cm;

l The standard conductivity of pure water is 10μs / cm, equivalent to TDS 5mg / L;

l After the pure water setting for a long time, Conductivity value rise to more than 12-20, at this time do not drink, so as not to affect health;

l The fruit, vegetables, fans and other food are put in the cup with pure water, when measuring that Conductivity value is more than 30, be suspected of pollution, pls pay attention to it;

l It is in the process of swimming, water pool cleaning can be measured, when change of indicated value is too large, pls pay attention to it;

l The Conductivity value of pure alcohol is 0, if more than 0,means impure;

l Each city, different regions, due to different pipeline and water, there is different Conductivity values;

l The flower foods is mixed according to proportion, and measures Conductivity value, the value will be convenient for future direct mixtion;

l Measuring Conductivity value of aquarium water, if the value rises too much, timely change the water;

l User who lives in above 3 buildings are supplied water from top of floor’s the water container, for the prevention of second pollution, it is necessary to often detect water change of Conductivity value, and urge the property management sector for periodic cleaning;

l Rated washing powder is put the washing machine, which can be experience digital by Conductivity detection, after cleaning, and indication value detected before drainage and is considered clean as same as water, if the value exceeds the water’s, reduce amount of washing powder.

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