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Ultrasonic portable hardness tester TKM-459 - TKM-459

Ultrasonic portable hardness tester TKM-459 for metals - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Ultrasonic-portable-hardness-tester-TKM-459-10022820/

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Place of Origin: Russian Federation Brand Name: Mashproject Model Number: TKM-459

Product Features:

Ultrasonic portable hardness tester TKM-459 for metals

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Port: St.Petersburg

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

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Ultrasonic portable hardness tester TKM-459
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Specifications and Product Details:

TKM-459 is intended for measuring hardness of metal and alloy articles with Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers. It consists of the dynamic transducer (sensor) and the electronic module.

The principle of tester operation is based on determination of frequency change in free oscillation of the indenter (an acoustic resonator with Vickers diamond pyramid) subjected

to the constant force of 50 N.


- measuring hardness of both small and large articles

- measuring hardness of complexly shaped articles, with

- hard to reach places, in various spatial positions

- convenience and ease of use

- PC-connectable via RS-232C interface

- high measuring performance

- power source discharge indication and display illumination

- graphical display with lighting

- storing 6000 hardness measurements in the nonvolatile memory

- supply of reference blocks on request


Case-hardening articles, thin-walled pressure vessels, thinwalled

pipelines, turbine rotors, forming rolls, crankshafts,

gears, metal-working tools, vehicle parts, rails, railroad car

wheels, semi-finished industrial products (castings, sheets),

welded joints, etc.


Hardness measurement ranges by scales:

Rockwell Scale 20 ... 70 HRC;

Brinell Scale 100 ... 450 HB;

Vickers Scale 240 ... 940 HV.

Relative measurement error:

Rockwell Scale 1,5 %

Brinell Scale 4,0 %

Vickers Scale 3,0 %

Number of measurement results stored in memory: 6000

Interface RS-232

Hardness tester power supply: rechargeable battery

Chief dimensions 150 x 80 x 30

Weight of electronic module with sensor 0,4 kg

Category temperature range: 10...+ 40 °

Warranty 2 years

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