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TGas-1022 Gas Leak Alarm - TGas-1022

TGas-1022 Gas Leak Alarm:, 1.gas sensor using high-quality, 2. high stability,long life, 3.anti-poisoning ability - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/TGas-1022-Gas-Leak-Alarm-10261587/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand Name: globeinstrument Model Number: TGas-1022 color: white

Product Features:

TGas-1022 Gas Leak Alarm:

1.gas sensor using high-quality

2. high stability,long life

3.anti-poisoning ability

Business Terms:

Port: Zhengzhou

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 50 Piece/Pieces per Week

Payment Terms: T/T

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TGas-1022 Gas Leak Alarm
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Specifications and Product Details:

TGas-1022 Gas Leak Alarm

Product Description:

TGas-1022 series of gas leak alarm, gas sensor using high-quality, high

stability, long life, anti-poisoning ability, and wide input voltage characteristics,

is suitable for the safe use of household gas, high-quality products.

Basic parameters:

For gas: natural gas liquefied petroleum gas artificial gas liquefied

petroleum gas (hydrogen)

Alarm settings: <25% LEL (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas)

2560-750 * 10-6 (artificial gas)

Ambient temperature range: -10 °C --- 55 °C (indoor use type)

Temperature range: <95%

Input voltage range: AC180-270V/50HZ DC12V

Storage temperature range: -25 °C -55 °C

Pressure limit : 86-106KPa

Power: the static power consumption <2W, the dynamic power consumption


Life: 3 years

Use: Indoor

Installation instructions:

For liquefied petroleum gas alarm should be installed from the ground in less

than 30cm, more than 2cm from the floor and walls at the location, the location

away from the kitchen is less than 4M; for natural gas and artificial gas alarm

should be installedin the heart from the ceiling is less than 30cm, the ceiling

and walls, the position is greater than 2cm away from the location of kitchen is

less than 8m.As shown in Figure -2.

Marked in Figure 1, signal line connected to the valve, then the red positive,

black then negative.


First alarm panel installed in the hanging wall, then hanging in the hanging

alarm panel.

Instructions for use:

1, in accordance with "installation instructions" in the alarm installation

requirements will be fixed.

2, connected to power, when the green light, the alarm in the warm state, can

not carry out normal testing.

3, 3-4 minutes after the alarm into the normal working condition.

4 If the alarm sounding, and long bright yellow light does not put out, that this

time the sensor is not working properly.

5, alarm: When reaching a dangerous concentration of gas leakage, the red

lights flashing, the alarm was given a "tick - tick - tick" sound the alarm.

For control function alarm, the alarm will be the output voltage after 10

seconds or off signals to control the device.

Key features

"Self test" button This button is used to detect sound and light alarm devices

are working properly, press this button, the red alarm indicator light, while the

alarm should sound.Press and hold this button for 3 seconds, the alarm will

have the alarm control signal output.

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