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Syclon ultrasonic cell disruptors - SKL-150-IIDN

150W ultrasonic processor - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Syclon-ultrasonic-cell-disruptors-10113280/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: syclon Model Number: SKL-150-IIDN probe ultrasonicator: cell crusher

Product Features:

150W ultrasonic processor

Business Terms:

Port: Ningbo

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal

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Syclon ultrasonic cell disruptors
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: suitable for air or sea shipment

Delivery Detail: 5-7days

Specifications and Product Details:

Syclon Ultrasonicator is a top worldwide supplier for innovative ultrasonic processor and ultrasonic bath.They are specialized in lab and small production using scale.

The typical applications:

Mixing,homogenizing,disintergration,Sonochemistry,Emulsifying and Dispersing etc..

Ultrasonicator produced by Syclon covers the full range of lab sample homogenizing.

The capacity covers from 0.5ml to 2000ml per hour.Whether you sonicate in a test tube,break or cell flow(continous flow),we can offer the excellent solution

tech specification:

N/W(KG):24.34 G/W:25.69

Power supply: 220/110 50/60Khz

update to LCD display,easier to operate

Crushing capacity 0.5-1500 ml or high capacity.


power:150W, adjustable from 0-150w

Includes 2mm probe,

digital display parameter and working status.

Power output: 150 W

Frequency: 20-25 KHz or others

Other models:

ModelUltrasonic FrequencyMaximum PowerOptional


Included probeCrusher CapacityPower SupplylTemperature Control
SKL150IIDN20-250-150 W3 mm6mm10-100ml220/110yes
Skl250IIDN20-250-250 W3 mm6mm10-200ml220/110yes
SKL650IIDN20-250-650 W2,3,8,10,12,15mm6mm0.5-500ml220/110yes
SKL950IIDN20-250-950 W2,3,8,10,12,15mm6mm0.5-600ml220/110yes
SKL1200IIDN19.5-20.50-1200 WΦ6,10,12,15,20,


20mm50-1000ml220 or 110 Vyes
SKL1800IIDN19.5-20.50-1800 WΦ6,10,12, 15,20,25,2825mm50-1500ml220 or 110 Vyes
SKL2000IIDN19.5-20.50-2000 WΦ6,10,12, 15,20,25,2825mm50-1800ml220 or 110 Vyes

Ultrasonic Dispersing and Deagglomeration:

The dispersing and deagglomeration of solids into liquids is an important application of ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic cavitation generates high shear forces that break particle agglomerates into single dispersed particles.

Ultrasonic Emulsifying:

Emulsions are dispersions of two or more immiscible liquids. Highly intensive ultrasound supplies the power needed to disperse a liquid phase (dispersed phase) in small droplets in a second phase (continuous phase). In the dispersing zone, imploding cavitation bubbles cause intensive shock waves in the surrounding liquid and result in the formation of liquid jets of high liquid velocity. At appropriate energy density levels, ultrasound can well achieve a mean droplet sizes below 1 micron (micro-emulsion).

A wide range of intermediate and consumer products, such as cosmetics and skin lotions, pharmaceutical ointments, varnishes, paints and lubricants and fuels are based wholly or in part of emulsions.

Ultrasonic Cell Disintegration

This effect can be used for fermentation, digestion and other conversion processes of organic matter. After milling and grinding, ultrasonication makes more of the intra-cellular material e.g. starch as well as the cell wall debris available to the enzymes that convert starch into sugars. It does also increase the surface area exposed to the enzymes during liquefaction or saccharification. This does typically increase the speed and yield of yeast fermentation and other conversion processes, e.g. to boost the ethanol production from biomass.ultrasonic treatment can disintegrate fibrous, cellulosic material into fine particles and break the walls of the cell structure. This releases more of the intra-cellular material, such as starch or sugar into the liquid. In addition to that the cell wall material is being broken into small debris.

Ultrasonic Cell Extraction

The extraction of enzymes and proteins stored in cells and subcellular particles is an effective application of high-intensity ultrasound, as the extraction of organic compounds contained within the body of plants and seeds by a solvent can be significantly improved. Ultrasound has a potential benefit in the extraction and isolation of novel potentially bioactive components, e.g. from non-utilized by-product streams formed in current processes.

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