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SV-5Q Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer---hot sale - SV-5Q

SV--5Q automobile exhaust gas analyzer, in accordance with non-light-disguising infrared absorption method. - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/SV-5Q-Automobile-Emission-Gas-Analyzer-hot-sale-10194597/

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: reliable Model Number: SV-5Q Warranty: 1 year After service and Technology Support: Full life Quality: high

Product Features:

SV--5Q automobile exhaust gas analyzer, in accordance with non-light-disguising infrared absorption method.

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Port: shenzhen

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units full in set

Supply Ability: 800 Unit/Units per Week enough in stock

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal

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SV-5Q Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer---hot sale
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SV-5Q Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer Description

In accordance with non-light-disguising infrared absorption method, via micro-computer analysis, directly measure the thickness of HC, CO and CO2in the exhaust gas of vehicles and inspect the density of NO and O2via Electrochemical sensor so as to calculate excess air coefficient λ. The analyzer introduces advanced foreign technology. It is composed of complete imported machinery cores, boasts the advantages of accuracy measurement, high endurance and speed. As an Intelligent Equipment, it is equipped with Microprocessor, LCD and Chinese language interface. Besides, it also has optional equipments such as Induction Tachometer, temperature sensor, inner Micro Printer for customers to purchase. The newly-added Storage function can detect Engine's speed and Lubricant's Temperature while measuring tail gas, then store and print the results.

Besides detecting functions, its computer programs on detection under Two-speed Idle, written by us according to limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from vehicles equipped ignition engine under two-speed idle conditions and simple driving mode conditions, can control the process of detection automatically. So it's convenient to use. The analyzer has small size, light weight, storage of 500 groups' data of exhaust gas measurement. Particularly it is suitable for check along the road. It's utilized for auto-manufacturing factories, vehicle inspection stations and garages.
The main technical parameters:
1. Environmental temperature
humidity: 95%
Air pressure: 70.0106kPa
Power: AC 220V±10%;50Hz±1Hz
2.Measuremnt scope:
HC: 01000010-6ppmvol
CO: 010.0 10-2(%)vol
CO2: 020.0 10-2 (%) vol
O2: 025.0 10-2(%)vol
NO: 05000 10-6ppmvol
oil temperature:0120
rotate speed: 010000rpm
3.Sampling method:
tail gas: sampling directly .
The length of sampling tube: 5m,the length of probe:900mm.
Oil temperature:inserting the head of thermo scope into the staff gauge of engine lubricant, the length of which is the same as that of oil staff gauge; blocking with rubber plug to plug up engine oil from ejecting: length of lead: 5m.
Rated rpm: Non-contact measurement method. Less than 20cm to the petrol high-voltage flexible cord, measuring petrol rotate speed.
4.preheat time:10mins
CO: 0.01%vol
HC: 1ppmvolnormal hexane equivalent
CO2: 0.01%vol
O2: 0.01%vol
NO: 1ppmvol
rate speed: 1rpm
oil temperature: 0.1
6.indicated error:
CO: ±0.06% vol or±5% relative error.
HC: ±12ppm vol or ±5% relative error
CO2: ±0.5% vol or ±5% relative error
O2: 0.1% vol or±5% relative error
NO: ±25ppm vol or±5% relative error
rate speed: ±10rpm(010000rpm) ±1% measured value (>10000rpm)
7.Stability:after preheating, zero excursion and measurement distance excursion in 4 hours should not be over the allowance value of sample value error
8.Repetitiveness: ≤1/2 of absolute of the allowed sample value error
9.Output signal: Number volume: RS232 serial massage exit.
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