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Pen Type pH Meter + solutions - PH-031

High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter + Calibration Solutions - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Pen-Type-pH-Meter-solutions-10022821/

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Place of Origin: Hong Kong Model Number: PH-031 Condition: New

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High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter + Calibration Solutions

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Pen Type pH Meter + solutions
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PH-031 is best for testing up to 14.0 pH level of liquids that are used in several areas/industries. This compact and rugged style ph meter are more convenient and requires a smaller sample container and volume. PH-031 is equipped with a sensor glass bulb at its tip and built-in ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) required to obtain highly accurate pH reading. pH readings vary with temperature. For example, a sample with a pH of 7 at 25°C, may have a pH of 7.08 at 5°C and a pH of 6.98 at 60°C. pH is a critical measurement and getting acurate results will prevent potential damage, enhance plant growth, safe and protected, control harmful acid from damaging our environment. These are a few of the thousands of ways pH plays an important role in our lives. Inadequate control of the pH can result in the growth of undesirable bacteria that could be a potential health hazard.

PH-031 contains everything you need including a meter and free free calibration solutions and designed for Aquariums, Swimming pools, Spas, Hydroponics, Laboratories, Paper Industries, Nutrients and Food processing to produce safe & toxin-free products, and many more.

Get the portable & easy to use pen-type pH meter with 2 free bottles of calibration solution! Have acccurate pH results to know if it matches the required pH level!

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Packaging: Protective & Sturdy Frosted White Plastic Case

Warranty: 1 year warranty (12 months)

Shipping Cost: USD 9.90

Shipping Time: 3-10 days

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