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PGas-31 Protable Infrared Gas Leak Detector - PGas-31

Protable Infrared Gas Leak Detector, 1.detect gases C2H2, CH4, C4H10, C2H4, C2H6, C3H8, CO2,CO and SF6, etc., 2.Infrared (NDIR) - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/PGas-31-Protable-Infrared-Gas-Leak-Detector-10176599/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand Name: Globeinstrument Model Number: PGas-31

Product Features:

Protable Infrared Gas Leak Detector

1.detect gases C2H2, CH4, C4H10, C2H4, C2H6, C3H8, CO2,CO and SF6, etc.

2.Infrared (NDIR)

Business Terms:

Port: ZhengZhou

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces .

Supply Ability: 10 Piece/Pieces per Week .

Payment Terms: T/T

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PGas-31 Protable Infrared Gas Leak Detector
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Carton Box, with aluminium alloy tool box

Delivery Detail: 4 weeks

Specifications and Product Details:

PGas-31 Protable Infrared Gas Leak Detector

Brief introduction

The measurement principle of (NDIR) "Non-dispersive Dual-wavelength Infrared Spectrum" is adopted for PGas-31 gas infrared quantitative detector. There is no radiotive emitter and it is convenient to carry; the screen of hand-held probe uses OLED, it is self-luminous with high brightness, with no visual angle problem; high precision, good stability and sensitivity, and the resolution of leakage detection can reach 0.1ppm; the response time is fast; with no consumable parts, life time of the sensor is extra long; it can detect gases include C2H2,CH4,C4H10,C2H4,C2H6, C3H8,CO2,CO and SF6, etc.

PGas-31 gas infrared quantitative detector is mainly composed of two parts: the host machine and hand-held probe.

1. Display screen of host machine

2. Host machine

3. Power switch

4. Aviation plug

5. Filter cap

6. Probe rod

7. Probe panel

8. Probe

9. Communication wire

Technical parameters

Measurement principleInfrared (NDIR)
Measurement rangeRefer to lectotype table
Sampling modePumping type
Service temperature-10~60°C
Power supply7.2V DC, internal battery power supply
Response time (T90s)1~5 second(s)
Warm-up time100 seconds
Probe unit rod length22cm
Service life of sensor>10 years
Calibration timeCalibration once every six months
Alarm modeBuzzer

Lectotype table for detected gas (part gas)

ModelMeasured gasMeasurement range (volume content)Measurement precision
PGas-31-CO-1CO gas0-20000ppm±2%F.S.
PGas-31-CO-2CO gas0-10%±1%F.S.
PGas-31-CH4-1CH4gas (methane)0-4.4%(0-100%LEL)±1%F.S.
PGas-31-CH4-2CH4gas (methane)0-100%±1%F.S.
PGas-31-C2H6C2H6gas (ethane)0-2.4 %(0-100%LEL)±1%F.S.
PGas-31-C3H8C3H8gas (propane)0-1.7%(0-100%LEL)±1%F.S.
PGas-31- C4H10C4H10gas (butane)0-1.4%(0-100%LEL)±1%F.S.
PGas-31- C2H2C2H2gas (acetylene)0-2.3%(0-100%LEL)±1%F.S.
PGas-31- C2H4C2H4gas (ethylene)0-2.4%(0-100%LEL)±2%F.S.

Executed standard

GB12358-2006 "Gas monitors and alarms for workplace--General technical requirements"

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