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Oxygen&Nitrogen Analyzer - ON-4000

1. Inert gas fusion in impulse furnace, 2. O: Non Dispersive Infrared absorption, 3. N: Thermal Conductivity Detection - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Oxygen-Nitrogen-Analyzer-10272641/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland) Brand Name: NCS Model Number: ON-4000 Repeatability:standard samples:: 1ppm * or 1% * Range(1g, sample mass):: O: 0.002% - 30%*;N: 0.... Analysis time:: about 3 min

Product Features:

1. Inert gas fusion in impulse furnace

2. O: Non Dispersive Infrared absorption

3. N: Thermal Conductivity Detection

Business Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 30 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: T/T

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Oxygen&Nitrogen Analyzer
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: wooden packing

Delivery Detail: within 2 week

Specifications and Product Details:

Instrument Introduction

NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which was established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group, and it has a strong technical force in production and development.

ON-4000 Series Oxygen/Nitrogen Analyzer is a new product, it is used for simultaneous oxygen, nitrogen determination in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials, alloy, and some other organic materials.

ON-4000 Series are perfect for both production and research environments. ON-4000 Series provide fast and accurate results for samples of all sizes by lower detection limits and expanded instrument ranges.


Inert gas fusion in impulse furnace

O (Oxygen): NDIR(Non Dispersive Infrared absorption)

N (Nitrogen): TCD(Thermal Conductivity Detection)

  1. High-resolution thermal conductivity detector is a patented product. patent number:CN101813658
  2. Solid-state pyroelectric detector made in Germany
  3. Automatic heating power control, closed-loop feedback
  4. High sensitive and accurate electric flow control technique based on the low pressure difference is applied, and Anti-Overshoot System is applied
  5. Reliable gas path with no dead volume
  6. Software has unique features
  7. Carrier gas saving mode is supported
  8. Precision reached international advance level
  9. Rich in diagnosis function
  10. IR signal data processing result is ace after linearizing

1. Sensitivity:0.01ppm

2. Sample mass:usually 1g,

3. Range(1g, sample mass):

O: 0.002% - 30%*

N: 0.002% - 30%*

Note:*, range can be changed according to sample mass.

4. Repeatability:

standard samples: 1ppm * or 1% *

Note:*, Measured deviation is not more than standard deviation.

5. Analysis time: about 3 min

6. Pulse heating electrode furnace: Power: Max.8KVA, Temperature: Max.3000°C

7. Detector:

Anti-oxide NTC thermistor made in US;

Small current control technique is developed to make sure the thermistors can be used without carrier gas;

Keep constant temperature in the whole TCD to make sure the temperature of detected gas to be stable and the results to be accurate.

Reference gas: Low flow control technique is used

8. Gas flow control: High sensitive and accurate electric flow control technique based on the low pressure difference is applied, and Anti-Overshoot System is applied

9. Parameters of outgassing, analyzing, flux etc can be setup according to the sample characteristic.

10. Analyzing method with parameters and calibration curve can be established separately according to different samples and can be stored into the database.

The software is compatible with win7 operating system, and it is powerful, easy to operate, flexible in use. The software interface is friendly.

l Free upgrade

l Read sample mass in different ways: automated reading, manual readings and manual input

l Analyzing results are calculated by the calibration curve either in high content channel or in low content channel according to sample content, the selection will be done by software automatically.

l Automatic blank removal

l Information displays are rich

l Convenient routine maintenance

l Furnace heating parameter monitoring

l Baseline real-time monitoring

l Automatic baseline zeroing

l Powerful data management

l Microsoft Excle format file export

l Software can communicate seamlessly with LIMS through the network

l Gather voice of the customer through various channels

l Engineers provide prompt service

l Engineers visited from time to time, to understand the instrument status, and stand ready to provide technical advice

l Service with formal oversight mechanisms

l User training is professional

l Engineers provide analytical method of uncommon sample at any time

l Our company has all kinds of spare parts with a complete range of specifications

  1. Power:220VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz, MAX 10KVA
  2. Carrier gas:high purity helium
  3. Pneumatic gas:Nitrogen or compressed air
  4. Dimension:764mm×550mm×818mm(W×H×D)
  5. Mass:about 120 kg
  6. Work environment:10°C~29°C,RH<80%

Modular Structure, including analyzer, computer, electronic balance*, printer*, water circulate chillers*.

Note: * is optional.

1. Computer: DELL business computer

(CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E5400, x64;RAM:2G DDR3 1333;Hard disk drive:500GB SATA2;DVD:16X DVD;Monitor:DELL 18.5-inch Wide TFT LCD);

2. Electronic balance:Sartorius BSA124S;

3. Printer:Canon laser printer;

4. Water circulate chillers:independent development.

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