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Nd: YVO4 Laser Crystals - FRT-NYVxxx

Nd: YVO4 Crystal is one of the most efficient laser host crystal currently existing for diode pumped solid-state lasers. - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Nd-YVO4-Laser-Crystals-10288340/

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Place of Origin: Shaanxi China (Mainland) Model Number: FRT-NYVxxx

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Nd: YVO4 Crystal is one of the most efficient laser host crystal currently existing for diode pumped solid-state lasers.

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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Nd: YVO4 Laser Crystals
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Nd:YVO4 Crystal is one of the most efficient laser host crystal currently existing for diode pumped solid-state lasers. Its large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength, high absorption coefficient and wide absorption bandwidth at pump wavelength, high laser induced damage threshold as well as good physical, optical and mechanical properties make Nd: YVO4an excellent crystal for high power, stable and cost-effective diode pumped solid-state lasers. Recent developments have shown that Nd: YVO4can produce powerful and stable IR, green, bule lasers with novel cavity design and frequency doubling crystals.

Lower lasing threshold and higher slope efficiency;
Large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength;
High absorption over a wide pumping wavelength bandwidth;
Low dependency on pumping wavelength and tend to single mode output;
Optically uniaxial and large birefringence grant strongly-polarized laser emission.

For the applications in which more compact design and the single-longitudinal-mode output are needed, Nd:YVO4 shows its particular advantages over other commonly used laser crystals. The diode laser-pumped Nd:YVO4 compact laser and its frequency-doubled green, red or blue laser will be the ideal laser tools for micro machining, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer inspection, light show, medical diagnostics, laser printing, etc.

With advanced technology on growing high optical quality and large size Nd:YVO4 crystals, we steadily provide as large as Φ30x70 mm3Nd:YVO4 bulk crystal and Φ20x20mm3finished crystal with very low intrinsic optical loss. Now, we massively produce and provide high quality Nd:YVO4 crystals at very competitive prices.


1.Diode Laser-Pumped Nd:YVO4 Lasers

A threshold of 78 mW and a slope efficiency of 48.5% at 1064 nm were obtained by using an a-cut 3 mm long Nd:YVO4 crystal with output coupler R = 96%. Under the same conditions, a 5 mm long Nd:YAG crystal has a threshold of 115 mW and a slope efficiency of 38.6%;
Recently, over 30 W of TEM00output power was achieved by using a-cut Nd:YVO4 and pumped by 60 W fiber coupled diode lasers. The optical conversion efficiency exceeds 50%. High power and stable infrared output @ 1064 nm and 1342 nm has been available with diode pumped Nd:YVO4 lasers;
Single-longitudinal-mode oscillation of a Nd:YVO4 microchip laser has been achieved with high power and high slope efficiency. Such a single mode source has been developed for the use of a master oscillator for injection locking of Nd laser systems;
Because of its large stimulated emission cross section at 1.34 mm, Nd:YVO4 is also an efficient laser crystal for diode laser-pumped 1.3 mm laser. By using 1 mm long Nd:YVO4 crystal and pumped by an 850 mW diode laser at 808 nm, 50 mW output at 1.34 mm has been observed, compared to 34 mW from 2 mm long Nd:YAG.

2.Frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4 Lasers

By using the compact design of Nd:YVO4 + KTP crystals, high power green or red light output can be generated in a diode laser pumped Nd:YVO4 laser. When pumped by a 890 mW diode laser, more than 76 mW single mode (TEM00) green output was obtained with a 3x3x1 mm3Nd:YVO4 and a 3x3x5 mm3intracavity KTP;
Diode pumped green lasers has been commercialized with the compact design of Nd:YVO4 + KTP crystals. 2.5 mW green output was achieved in a Nd:YVO4 microchip laser with a very short (9 mm) laser cavity when pumped by a 50 mW diode laser;
Over 10 W and high stable CW green output @ 532 nm was commercially available with diode pumped Nd:YVO4 and frequency doubling with a NCPM LBO crystal. Single longitudinal mode (SLM) green output, Q-switched green and UV outputs were also obtained;
Over 400 mW blue laser @ 457 nm based on Nd:YVO4+ BBO crystals is commerical available.

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