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MS5215 Digital high-voltage insulation megger - MS5215

1.*Checking the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment (electric motor, transformer, and cable, etc), 2.*Insulati - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/MS5215-Digital-high-voltage-insulation-megger-10196275/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: mastech Model Number: MS5215 Display Type: Digital Only Measuring Range: Largest 5T ohm Testing Voltage: 250V ~ 5kV Accuracy Class: +/- 5% Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 , 90% rh

Product Features:

1.*Checking the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment (electric motor, transformer, and cable, etc)


Business Terms:

Port: Shenzhen

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets The more,the cheaper!

Supply Ability: 10000 Set/Sets per Week

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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MS5215 Digital high-voltage insulation megger
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Specifications and Product Details:

MS5215 Digital high-voltage insulation megger


Product Description

Suitable for on-site measuring instrument

Test Voltage 250V ~ 5kV

Largest 5TΩ insulation resistance measurement

high-voltage equipment (transformers, cables, motors, etc.) insulation resistance measurement

Built-in high-power high-voltage generator (250V ~ 5kV adjustable)

PI (Polarization Index), DAR (induction absorption ratio) automatically calculate and display

Step voltage test, temperature compensation, temperature measurement, leakage current measurement

Data storage and upload function,


Wide range of test voltage, insulation resistance measurement

Test voltage from 250V to 5kV, 25V step is set, the largest capable of measuring insulation resistance 5TΩ.

Supports a variety of insulation to judge

>Be able to carry out PI (Polarization Index), DAR (induction absorption ratio) and automatically calculate and display, as well as step-voltage test (five bands, each band voltage, time adjustable)

Temperature compensation, temperature measurement, leakage current shows such as insulation to determine function.

Data storage and uploading

Record 100 data can be saved manually, automatically record 10 sets of data (each data up to 360 measurement points), and automatically record the date and time.

Carrying case

Adopted for use in the field of rigid boxes
At the same time can use rechargeable batteries
Can simultaneously load 2 # batteries and rechargeable batteries., When a group of battery capacity is low, switch to another group to continue to use

Main function

insulation resistance and leakage current measurementTest voltage: DC250V ~ 5.00kV, test insulation resistance Ohm 0-5T; test current 1mA maximum

Shows the insulation resistance, leakage current, PI, DAR, measurement time

Step-voltage test

a gradual increase in test voltage, measured under different voltage insulation resistance, leakage current changes
With two kinds of step-voltage option. Stepping in various stages of testing time can choose to
PI, DAR displayCan be automatically measured parameters of PI and DAR
Live-line voltage measurementcan measure AC and DC voltage: AC AC50 ~ 750V, Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ,DC-DC ± 50 ~ ± 1000V Accuracy: ± 5% rdg. ± 5% dgt
Temperature measurement-10 ~ 70 Accuracy: ± 1.5
Data storage functioncan manually store up to 100 sets of data, you can also automatically record store 10 sets of data, each can store up to 360 measurement points

Data Upload function

to store data, through the USB interface to upload it to the PC, the formation of the chart printed archive. And can be set up in the PC side, modify the measured parameters
Support USB2.0 (FULL SPEED)

Parameter index

Temperature and humidity0 ~ 40 , 90% rh or less (non-condensing)
DisplayScreen LCD display with backlight
Display update rate1 / s (using the average functionality of 0.25 times / s)
Output voltage monitor2 times / s
Voltage Measurement4 times / s
Temperature measurement1 time / s
Analog bar2 times / s
Battery6 cell × 6
Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery7.2V
Maximum rated power15W
Continuous use of time5kV occur, + / - port disconnected, turn off backlight display cases, the batteries can be used 5 hours of rechargeable battery can be used 9 hours
Maximum rated voltage600VrmsCAT,1000VrmsCAT
Insulation LevelAC7000V 15s in the electrical circuit and the inter-shell

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