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Low cost multifunction PH meter - SPT-300

1.test moisture of soil, PH value,temperature and environment sunlight intensity, 2.display various readings with oversize LCD - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Low-cost-multifunction-PH-meter-10082944/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: Saip Model Number: SPT-300 Color: Orange

Product Features:

1.test moisture of soil, PH value,temperature and environment sunlight intensity

2.display various readings with oversize LCD

Business Terms:

Port: Ningbo and Shanghai,China

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces Be customed

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week Be customed

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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Low cost multifunction PH meter
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Specifications and Product Details:

1.SPT-300 Four-in-one soil survey instrument can test moisture of soil, PH value,temperature and environment sunlight intensity using a probe with the length of 200mm.
2.The unit can easily display various readings with oversize LCD.
3.Has low battery indication and auto power off function.

4.It is saving time, energy, of high efficiency.

5.The unit assures quality of flowers and grasses planting and garden virescence.

A. PH/ TEMP KEY------mode switch: Set the mode for PH value , temperature or
B. ON KEY------press the key to start the unit.
C. TEST PROBE------can test PH value , moisture and temperature.
D. LIGHT SENSOR WINDOW------can induct sunlight intensity of measured

F. °C / °F OFF KEY------temperature unit switch/power off key: under temperature
mode, press the key to s elect temperature unit as °C or °F ( original temperature
unit : °C ). Keep pressing the key for about 3 seconds to power off.
G. PROTECTING BUSHING --- Please take the protecting bushing away when using
the test probe. Put on the protecting bushing when it is not in use to protect the test

A. Sunlight intensity display area------9 levels: LOW- , LOW , LOW+ , NOR- , NOR ,
NOR+ , HGH- , HGH , HGH+ , each increasing in amount and quality. LOW-
signifies an extremely dim environment. HGH+ signifies an extremely bright
B. PH function display
C. PH or temperature value display------It shows 3.5 to 9.0 for PH value and -9 °C to
+50 °C (16 °F to 122 °F ) for temperature. “ Lo ” or “ HH ” indicates the value is out of
the measurable range.
D. Moisture display area------5 levels: DRY+ , DRY , NOR , WET , WET+ , each
increasing in wetness. WET+ signifies an extremely wet environment while DRY+
signifies an extremely dry environment.
E. Temperature function display.
F. Low battery display------The symbol will display on the LCD continuously when the
battery is low.


1.The product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
2.The warranty does not apply to the following conditions:

3.Disassembling the laser tool will void the warranty.
4.Any damage resulting from, but not limited to wear, water, being dropped or repairs
attempted by others.

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