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Led Plant moisture sensor

Led plant Moisture sensor/meter, 7 Led humidity indicator,, Idle Current:3uA, Sening current:400uA(sense once every 12 seconds) - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Led-Plant-moisture-sensor-10143443/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) environmental protection: green

Product Features:

Led plant Moisture sensor/meter

7 Led humidity indicator,

Idle Current:3uA

Sening current:400uA(sense once every 12 seconds)

Business Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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Led Plant moisture sensor
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: color box

Delivery Detail: 18-25 days

Specifications and Product Details:

Plant Watering Monitor PM100

  1. Intended Use

The PM100 detects soil volumetric water content (VWC) through sensing the dielectric constant of the media using capacitance domain technology.The sensor is built on PCB,it is reliable in almost any soil .The system has a self learnig process built to eliminate the influences of different soil or media.There are seven LED indicates different moisture level.The LED flashes once every 3 seconds.

It is ideal for use in your garden or plant pot in house.The transparent platic case is made from PC which is resist to environment aging.It is uiable for indoor and outdoor use purpose.

2. Battery Safety

1).Correct polarity must be observed while inserting the batteries.

2).Batteries should be removed from the device if it is not used for long period of time to aviod

damage through leaking.Leaking or damaged batteries might cause acid burns when in contact with skin,therefore use suitable protective gloves to handle corrupted batteries.

3).Batteries must be kept out of reach of children.Do not leave the battery lying around,as there is risk,that children or pets swallow it.

3. Power Supply

Use CR2032 size Lithium Battery.There is an insulator under the battery,remove it before use


4.1 Before power up the system,make sure the sensor is not inserted in the soil and its PCB part is clean and dry.The first reading after power up will be used as the free air sensor reading.After a proper reset,all LEDs on the sensor will lit up for 3 senconds,and then off.

4.2 Insert the sensor into the soil for depth of 8~10cm,make sure the soil is tight around the sensor will afect the accuracy of the readings.Because it is sensitive to the dielectric permittivity,care should be taken not to install sensor in or near metal,When in free air,no LED will be switgched.

Pour water into the soil unitl the surface glistens and no more water can permeate.The sensor now will sensing the maximum water content level,and after a few minutes(about 2 minutes),the highest water level indicator LED will now start to flash,indicating the sensing of highest water lever has found.This water level will be used as a reference for further calculation.The learning process time needed could be varied due to data stabilizing reason.

Now it is ready for the sensor to monitor the soil moisture.When water level drops,the sensor LED will change from LED7 to LED6,5…,1.The sensor system will trigger one data measurement in every 30s,and when 4 consecutive consistent data are verified(takes about 120s),the new soil moisture level will be displayed.When a completely dry soil is detected(close to air),normally LED1(<2%)will flash.

If you need to put the sensor into another location,in order to eliminate the difference between the soil,take out the battery and wait for 5s and then restart the above two steps again.Without initating the self-learning procedure,this could lead to permanent reading error!

The VWC value mark on the sensor for different LED is not necessary accurate since we didn’t calibrate each sensor,however the system do works well for sensing the soil mositure level change.

Important:The sensor can damaged if it is pushed directly into hard native soil.Please do not use hammer or other blunt hard instrument during the installation.

5.Technical Date

Idle Current:3uA

Sening current:400uA(sense once every 12 seconds)

LED on current:1000uA(on 10ms every 3 seconds)

Estimated battery life:>10 months with 230mAH CR2032 battery.


6.1 Disposal of waste electrical and elcetronic equipment.

In order to preserve,protect and improve the quality of environment,protect human health and utilize natural resources prudently and rationally,the user should return unserviceable product to relevant facilities in accordance with statutory regulation.The crossed-out wheeled bin indicates the product needs to be disposed separately and not municipal waste.

6.2 Used batteries/rechargeable batteries dispoal

The user is legally obliged(battery regulation) to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Disposing used batteries in the household waste in prohibited!Battery/Rechargeable batteries containing hazardous substance are marked with the coursed-out wheeles bin.The symbol indicates that the product is forbidden to be disposed via the domestic refuse.The chemical symbols for the respective hazardous substances are Cd=Cadmium,Hg=Mercury,Pb=Lead.You can return used batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge to any collecting point of your local authority.

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