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LCD display intelligent temperature transducers - SR

Basic accuracy 0.01%, Automatic diagnosis and failure alarm output function., Explosion proof, waterproof and essential safety - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/LCD-display-intelligent-temperature-transducers-10228900/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland) Brand Name: SR Model Number: SR color: blue

Product Features:

Basic accuracy 0.01%

Automatic diagnosis and failure alarm output function.

Explosion proof, waterproof and essential safety

Business Terms:

Port: Tianjin

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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LCD display intelligent temperature transducers
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: standard package

Delivery Detail: 4 working weeks

Specifications and Product Details:

SR- intelligent temperature transmitter is a powerful and intelligent two-wire temperature transmitter with wide

application. It is based on microprocessor, designed for process control. It can be used together with all kinds of

temperature sensors, weighing transducer and potentiometer. It is suitable for different measurement range and

various kinds of sensors, such as all kinds of heat resistance and thermocouple, millivolt or ohms signal (please

refer to the functional specification sheet for more details). Therefore, the original temperature transmitter installed

on site with different specification can be replaced by SR. This will significantly shorten calibration, maintenance

and training time, reduce the demand for spare parts. Because it has intelligent setting up feature, so you need not

to know the measurement and control parameters in advance.


* Input and output signal isolation, strong anti-interference and radio frequency interference ability.

* Automatic diagnosis and failure alarm output function.

* Explosion proof, waterproof and essential safety.

* Basic accuracy 0.01%, input circuit automatically zero adjustment to ensure long stability.

* Optional ultra-low temperature (70 °C ~ ±45) OLED displays, built-in heat resistance and thermocouple linear curve.

* Two-wire 4-20 mA output superposition digital signal (HART protocol), can output 4~20mA signal proportional

to different temperature range, and adjust local or remote parameters through handheld terminal or computer uses

digital communication. Also parameters can be adjusted by instrument button itself.

Technical Data

Accuracy: please see next page "input range and accuracy sheet"

Environment temperature influences: per 10°C variation

mV (-6…+22mV), thermocouple (NBS: B,R,S,T): input value ±0.03% or 0.002mV, take its maximum.

mV (-10…+100mV), thermocouple (NBS: E,J,K,N,L,U): input value ±0.03% or 0.01mV, take its maximum.

mV (-50…+500mV), thermocouple: input value ±0.03% or 0.05mV, take its maximum.

Ohm (0…100Ω), thermal resistance (GE: CU10): input value ±0.03% or 0.01Ω, take its maximum.

Ohm (0…400Ω)), thermal resistance (DIN: NI120; IEC: (Pt50,Pt100) : input value ±0.03% or 0.04Ω, take its maximum.

Ohm (0…2000Ω), thermal resistance (ICE: P t500,Pt1000) : input value ±0.03% or 0.2Ω, take its maximum.

Thermocouple cold end compensation inhibit scale: 60:1 (reference temperature: 25.0 ±0.3 °C)

Power supply effects: ± 0.005% calibration range/V

Vibration influence: meet with SAMAPMC31.1 standards

Electromagnetic interference effect: comply with IEC 801 standards

Functional Specification:

l Input: refer to " input range and accuracy sheet"

l Output: two-wire, 4-20mA Superposition digital signal (HART tm protocol)

l Power supply: 9.8-35 VDC

l Display: Controllable backlit LCD display

l Display content: temperature, output current value, temperature value percentage lamp indicates, input type and units.

l Temperature range:

Environment temperature : -40~+85°C

Storage temperature : -40~+120°C

Display temperature: -30~+75°C(working temperature) -40~+85°C(no damage)

l Anti-explosion performance: explosion-proof, waterproof and sealed shell; Essence safety

l Adjustment function: input option, zero point and range adjustment etc., can choose handheld terminal or local key for adjustment without mutual influence.

l Humidity range: 0~100%

l Start time: about 12 seconds

l Update time: about 0.2 seconds

l Damping adjustment: 0~32 seconds

l Configuration: may communicate through handheld terminals and transmitters (HARTTM protocol) or adjust by local key.

l Debugging software: HART-CONFIG configuration/debugging software, adopts a hierarchical menus for transmitter configuration, commissioning, maintenance and calibration.

l Support WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WinXP etc. Chinese operating system. All Chinese interface design, it is easy to operate.

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