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Gas Meters Production Plant (320 pcs/h)

Plant for the automated production and testing of gas meters. - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/Gas-Meters-Production-Plant-320-pcs-h-10295899/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Italy Brand Name: Gas Meters Assembled and Tested Production Rate: 320 pcs/h

Product Features:

Plant for the automated production and testing of gas meters.

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Gas Meters Production Plant (320 pcs/h)
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Specifications and Product Details:

This complete plant, for the assembly and tested of residential gas meters, it's installed in Eastern Europe.

The whole plant is made by 8 machines.

These are joined one to the other by the means of a pallet conveyor and an automatic warehouse for the storage of the gas meters during polymerization of the adhesive.

The features of the machine are:

The production rate is 320 pcs/h, in full automatic mode.

It is not the machinery you are looking for?

We are able to design, construct and install any assembly and test machinery completely customized to your production process.

Some examples:

- Water pumps for engine cooling robotized testing lines;
- Electrical windows winder assembly lines;
- Fans Assembly lines for air conditioning/cooling plants;
- Petrol/Diesel oil filters assembly lines;
- Air leakage for petrol/diesel oil filters testing systems;
- GPL-METHANE valves assembly lines and Air-Helium leakage testing systems;
- Diesel engines rocker-arms Assembly and testing lines;
- Gas counters for civil/ industrial use Assembly lines, testing helium systems and automatic calibration lines;
- Assembly lines and test (pressure and capacity) Gas taps cookers assembly lines and testing (pressure and capacity) systems;

- Pressure regulators assembly lines and testing lines/systems;
- Water counters assembly and testing lines;
- Refrigerator bodies from polyurethane moulds extraction lines;
- Ball valves and general fittings assembly and testing lines;
- Tractors and excavators rolls assembly;
- Air compressors assembly and testing lines (various typologies and sizes);
- Hydraulic valves assembly;
- Shower-bath box assembly lines;
- Shower-bath box profiles preparation and assembling lines;
- Mechanical reducers groups assembly lines;
- Extinguishers valves Assembly lines;
- Air and Helium leakage testing systems;
- Windows ironmongery assembly lines;
- Scrapper ring for engine cylinders assembly lines;
- Electrical motors assembly lines;

Moreover ABL is specialized in projecting specific assembling lines for big size components or groups till 500 kg of weight.

For more information: www.ablautomazione.com

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