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GPX4500 Best Performance Gold Detecting ,Metal Detecting - GPX4500

1.high-capacity rechargeable battery, 2.High-brightness LED panel, Best Metal Detector, Gold Detecting GPX4500 - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/GPX4500-Best-Performance-Gold-Detecting-Metal-Detecting-10141815/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: TEC Model Number: GPX4500 Detect depth: 1.5-4.5m battery: high-capacity rechargeable battery alarm: Sound/LED Signal frequency: 9.6KHZ Service: OEM Shipment: DHL/TNT/EMS

Product Features:

1.high-capacity rechargeable battery

2.High-brightness LED panel

Best Metal Detector

Gold Detecting GPX4500

Business Terms:

Port: shenzhen

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Week

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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GPX4500 Best Performance Gold Detecting ,Metal Detecting
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Packaging Dimension:80*42*16 CMwhite box

Delivery Detail: 3-5 business days

Specifications and Product Details:

GPX4500 Best Gold Detecting , Metal Detector

Detection mode
Are ful l metal detect ion (GND Balance) and metal ident i f icat ion
(Discrimination) modes, al l-metal detection mode for al l metal detectors
are equal responsiveness, identify patterns in the metal, the only non-
ferrous metals (such as gold, si lver) reaction is very sensitive, you can rule
out the iron
Receive Gain
Receive gain function setting the overal l level of detector sensitivity.Soi l
conditions in the temperate regions, you can increase the sensitivity in
areas with poor soi l conditions can reduce the sensitivity.
Balance mode
There are two operating modes: the external balance and internal balance,
the original time you use the detector more moderate in the environment,
you can use bui lt-in balance mode.In most cases MINELAB companies are
recommended to use an external manual adjustment to balance mode,
reducing environmental disturbance.
Parameter mode
System menu has a series of search modes to choose from.Including the
stable, standards-based, sensitive type, user-defined type.The first three
models to faci l itate first-time users of metal detectors, custom-based
detection can meet the senior user's preferences.Ensure that every user
can detect a hobby easy access to MINELAB company's metal detectors.
Target volume and alarm frequency
By control l ing the bui lt-in ampl ifier, the amount of the target signal.
Through headphones and external speakers. The size of the target can
also be used to reduce ground interference signals.Sound the alarm with
the target frequency can be varied in size and can easi ly distinguish the
true and false signal detection signal.

After boot the icons can be displayed MINELAB company and model, the system initialization process, after the expiry of the signal indicator on the display and battery identification, and cell phones, four cell Dianliang
Adjustable in one of two buttons to enter the menu setting mode,
1, operating mode, you can choose to balance and identify patterns
2, parameter setting, divided into stable, standard, high sensitivity, user-defined mode, if the user does not use, so long as elections to the first three modes, the system will have some good arguments default
3, the search methods: depth and the general search
4, the critical point: the same machine as before, but if the two parameters is set when the first three modes can not be stressed, System Preferences Well, when you can only customize the settings, the sensitivity of the back is the same
5, the volume can be set from 0-100
6, the sound frequency is the same
7, metallic sound point: non-ferrous metals, gold and silver three, and only when adjusted in the identification mode, to balance this menu is not adjustable, three horizontal lines show
8, Alarm, there are two kinds of continuous and mutant
9, in the mutant mode, the alarm can be adjusted
10, alarm equipment, you can choose headphones wireless headphones and the general alarm, select the headset, you can adjust the transmission frequency to avoid interference with radio equipment in and around the
11, the backlight time can be set to save power
12, language, English operation
13, the remaining power, you can display 0-100%, in the standby interface is divided into four cells of the battery power display
14, have set the right button to press after the return to standby mode
Rod length 1.3 m,
Gross Weight: 9.5KG
Signal frequency, 9.6KHZ
Sound frequency, can be adjusted
Power Supply: DC12V power supply box, charge can be directly connected to 12V power supply, do not use the battery charger, car charger can also be used

Detect Depth:1.5-4.5M

Packaging Dimension:60*42*16 CM

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