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GDJY Insulating Resistance Tester adopts the real time voltage current sampling to do the dividing computation. - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/GDJY-Insulating-Resistance-Tester-10304776/

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Place of Origin: Chongqing China (Mainland) Brand Name: Gold Model Number: GDJY Display Type: Analogue and Digital Testing Voltage: DC500V ,DC1000V ,DC2500V, DC50... Accuracy Class: ±2%FS(FS is full range value); Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C Dimensions: 280*210*100mm Warranty:: 1 Year

Product Features:

GDJY Insulating Resistance Tester adopts the real time voltage current sampling to do the dividing computation.

Business Terms:

Port: Chongqing

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month

Payment Terms: T/T

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GDJY Insulating Resistance Tester
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Wooden Case

Delivery Detail: 20 days

Specifications and Product Details:

GDJY Insulating Resistance Tester

I. General introduction

Electric test rules conduct a series of insulation performance test on the requirement of

various electric equipment such as cable, electric engine, electric generator, transformer,

mutual inductor, high voltage switch and lightning arrester etc,

first it shall conduct insulation resistance test.

In recent years with the quick development of the electric industry,

the usage of large capacity equipment increases continuously,

the common megohmmeter cannot test its insulation performance.

When testing the insulation resistance of large capacity electric equipment,

the insulation resistance value is related to the charging time,

the longer the charging time is, the higher the insulation resistance value is,

this phenomenon is called the absorption phenomenon of insulation.

To know the insulation performance of the tested product,

it shall first do the absorption factor and polarization index test on it,

and provide safety guarantee for the insulation performance tests of the next stage

such as leakage, media wastage and partial discharge.

The company promotes according to the electric standardization rules the

GDJY intelligent insulation resistance tester (hereinafter referred as GDJY) to conduct the insulation,

absorption factor and polarization index test on the electric equipment,

provide preliminary accurate judgment on the series insulation test.

Since the charging time directly affects the insulation value test of large capacity condensive

test piece, so it needs the large charging current, the stronger the charging capacity is,

the closer the absorption factor test value to the real value.

GDJY short circuit current is larger than 3.5mA, it overcomes the malpractices such as

small short circuit current, inaccurate test and liable to be interfered of common megohmmeter.

The GDJY adopts the real time voltage current sampling to do the dividing computation,

so in the testing, even if the voltage changes, the resistance value obtained from the ohm

theorem is still accurate. The megohmmeter adopts advanced single chip control process and

human machine interface dialog, it is easy to bring, simple operation, the accumulator is attached

inside and it is AC/DC two purposes, it has under voltage protection and cell overcharge protection.

The device can automatically display the current time, save 8 groups of historical test data and time,

it offers great convenience for the test personnel.

GDJY is a new type intelligent device and is your best choice.

II. Main technical index

1. Output voltage: DC500V ,DC1000V ,DC2500V, DC5000V

Error: ±2%FS(FS is full range value);

2. Short circuit current:>3.5mA

3. Test precision

2 ~10MΩ error :±5%FS(FS is full range value);

10M ~10GΩ error :±2%FS(FS is full range value );

10 ~200GΩ error:±5%FS(FS is full range value);

more than 200GΩ error:±10%FS(FS is full range value);

4. Use condition

Ambient temperature:0°C-40°C Relative humidity:≤70%RH

5. Suitable power scope

AC: 220V±10%

6. Cubage and weight

Cubage: 280mm×210mm×100mm; weight:<3kg.

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