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GA-2001 Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer - GA-2001 LPSA

Integrate liquid and dry, Auto dry sample feeding;, Satisfy wide range of industries - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/GA-2001-Intelligent-Laser-Particle-Size-Analyzer-10259454/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: BEATOP Model Number: GA-2001 LPSA Measuring Range: 0.1-1000μm Principle: Import semiconductor laser Laser: Import semiconductor laser Operating System: Windows XP / Windows 7 Connection Port: total 90pcs, forward 80, backw... Testing Time: General 2-3min each time Mode method: Dry and wet

Product Features:

Integrate liquid and dry

Auto dry sample feeding;

Satisfy wide range of industries

Business Terms:

Port: Zhuhai

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets n/a

Supply Ability: 150 Set/Sets per Month n/a

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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GA-2001 Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Seaworthy packing

Delivery Detail: 1 month after order confirmation

Specifications and Product Details:

GA-2001 Laser Particle Size Analyzer(Dry and Liquid Method)

GA-2001 is a unique laser particle analyzer in magnetic powder test. It adopts special sample preparation and test mode to make magnetic particles in separate, homogenous, scattered condition instead of the aggregation caused by magnetic force. It utilizes the property that the particles can cause laser diffraction. It adopts a series of advanced technology and technics such as imported semiconductor laser generator with high power, long service life and good monochromaticity; large-size high precision photoelectric receiver array made by ASIC technique, multi-channel data transforming circuit and USB data transmitting lead to fast and precise test, easy operation and high repeatability. GA-2001 ends the history that magnetic particle cannot be tested and is significant for the test and control of the magnetic products quality as well.

Technical Specification

Dry method:

  1. Size range: 0.1-1000μm
  2. Sample Inflow Method: Continual aerosol jet
  3. Repeatability: ≤3% (CRM D50)
  4. Accuracy: ≤3% (CRM D50)
  5. Principle: Mie Scattering Theory
  6. Laser: imported semiconductor laser
  7. Operating system: Windows XP/ Windows 7
  8. Interface: RS232 or USB
  9. Photodetector: 80pcs, forward 72, lateral 8

10. Disperse medium: compressed air or inert

11. Pressure: 0.1-0.8Mpa, adjustable

12. Air flow rate: 400-6000 L/min

13.Sample required: 5g-20g

Wet method:

  1. Size range: 0.1-1000μm
  2. Repeatability: <1% (CRM D50)
  3. Accuracy: <1% (CRM D50)
  4. Principle: Mie Scattering Theory
  5. Laser: imported semiconductor laser
  6. Ultrasonic Power: 50W
  7. Tank Capacity: 500ml
  8. Circulating Flow rate: 500-2500ml/min

9. Agitator Speed: 500-2500rpm

Application for dry mode

  1. Various magnetic powder such as Rb, Fe, B,F3O4,Cobalt,Fe and other soft magnetic material, strong magnetic material, ferromagnetic material, etc.
  2. Powders not suitable for wet suspension test such as cement, western medicine, Chinese medicine, healthcare materials, etc.
  3. Powders possess hydrophobic property such as modifying minerals and organic compounds.

Application for wet suspension (flow cell)

  1. non-metallic powder such as calcium carbonate(light and heavy),talc,kaolin,graphite,wollastonite,brucite,barite,mica,bentonite.
  2. Metallic powder such as aluminum, zinc, molybdenum, tungsten, magnesium, copper, rare earth, alloy etc.
  3. Other powder such as catalyst, abrasive, pesticide, coating, dyestuff, phosphor, river silt, ceramic materials, emulsion, etc.

Application for wet suspension (small sample cell)

  1. Precious sample such as diamond, metallic powder, etc.
  2. Sample of small quantity: various metallic sample, non-metallic sample etc.


  1. Incorporate both dry mode and wet mode, design of which have been modularized, switch between them takes only two minutes. The system is applicable for nearly all powder tests.

2. In sample preparation for dry test, sample feed, air supply, test, collection etc. are all controlled by the computer according to the planed program automatically.

3. Unique dry dispersing system guarantee the powder in fully dispersed state when passing through the test window by shear, inertia, collision.

4. Erasure and oiless air compressor with efficient water filter guarantee low noise, auto start and stop, long operation time as well as pure compressed air.

5. Preparation of sample in wet mode can supply water automatically, drain automatically, flush automatically, ultrasonically disperse timely, control flow rate, indicate water level, which result in complete dispersion and accurate test.

6. Unique detector with 84 receivers and automatic precise self-alignment system, full Mie theory is applied on data process result in better resoluting power, better repeatability and factuality.(truthfulness)

7. Serial data transmit mode realize convenient connection with all LAPTOP and desk computer to make up system.

8. Test software incorporates standard and user-friendly Windows interface, easy operation. Its functions include serial test, average result, print, save, find, compare, unite, edit, delete, adjustment, help and self-diagnosis, etc.

9. Content of Test data: cumulative particle size data and curve, differential particle size data and curve, varied representative particle size such as D3,D10,D25,D50,D75,D84,D90,D97,D[4,3],D[3,2],etc.


How does BT-2001 dry mode works How does BT-2001 wet mode works

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