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DZS-708 Multi-parameter Water Analyzer - DZS-708

DZS-708 Multi-parameter Water Analyzer, 1.Can measure potential value, pH value (or pX value), concentration of ion - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/DZS-708-Multi-parameter-Water-Analyzer-10224179/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: UNICOM Model Number: DZS-708

Product Features:

DZS-708 Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

1.Can measure potential value, pH value (or pX value), concentration of ion

Business Terms:

Port: Qingdao port

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units

Supply Ability: 5000 Unit/Units per Year

Payment Terms: T/T

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DZS-708 Multi-parameter Water Analyzer
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Carton

Delivery Detail: 10 days

Specifications and Product Details:

DZS-708 Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

DZS-708 multi-parameter analyzer (hereafter refers to meter) is a new laboratory analyze meter which contains ion measuring, conductive measuring, DO measuring and temperature measuring. It allows to inspecting the relevant parameter of above. It also allows users to select individual measuring according the practical needs. In which ion measuring allows to measure: potential value, pH value (or pX value), ion concentration. Conductive measuring can measure: conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity. DO measuring

can measure: electrode current, concentration & saturation of DO.


1.Ion Measuring

1.1. Can measure potential value, pH value (or pX value), concentration of ion.

1.2. Can measure several normal ions. Meter provides several normal ion models: H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Cl-, F-, NO3-, BF4-, CN-, Cu2+, Pb2+, Ca2+, etc. for easy use. User can match relevant ion selective electrode and reference electrode to measure corresponding ion concentration directly. When measuring finished, user can easily arrange the switching between different concentration units.

1.3. Apart from the ion unit provided by the meter, in case user needs to measure other ion, you can also set your own ion model to measure other ion.

1.4. Meter has the ability of automatic distinguishing standard buffer solution. You can select several pH standard buffer solutions to calibrate electrode. Total 10 different standard solutions are provided.

1.5. User can set own standard solution groups.

1.6. With one-point calibration, two-points calibration and multiple point calibration (mostly

5 points) function.

1.7. With several concentration measuring modes: direct read concentration measuring mode, known adding measuring mode, unknown adding measuring mode and GRAN measuring mode.

1.8. On the basis of single slice micro-processor, with high precision A/D switching chip, matched with precise measuring electrode, meter can ensure the high precision. The valid resolving power of potential can be reached to 0.01mV.

2. Conductive Measuring:

2.1. Meter can measure conductivity, resistivity, total solid solution (TDS) and salinity.

2.2. Within full measuring range, meter has automatic temp. compensation, automatic calibration, automatic measuring range, automatically frequency switching functions.

2.3. With calibration function, user could calibrate electrode constant or TDS switching coefficient.

3. Dissolved Oxygen Measuring:

3.1. Meter can measure dissolved oxygen’s concentration, saturation and electrode current.

3.2. With automatic temperature compensation function.

3.3. With calibration function which can make zero oxygen calibration, full scale calibration, calibration and salinity calibration.

4. Other Characteristic:

4.1. Big 5.7?? touch screen for easy use.

4.2. Apart from ion concentration, meter allows to measure all parameter in ion , conductive , DO and temperature simultaneously. Of cause, it also allow user to select necessary parameter for measuring.

4.3. Meter supports GLP regulation:

a. Meter requests user to set operator number and then can record down the procedure of all user.

b. Can record down and print calibrating data

c. Can store 200 sets measuring data in each of pH measuring data, conductive measuring data, TDS measuring data, salinity measuring data and dissolved oxygen measuring data if all are meets GLP regulation. Meter can also store 6 kinds of ion measuring value including corresponding pX value and ion concentration value 100 sets of each.

4.4. Can Search, print and delete measuring data

4.5. Can search the using parameter under present measuring mode as well as previous calibration data.

4.6. There are three measuring modes: continuous measuring mode, time measuring mode and balance measuring mode to meet different user’s measuring requirements.

4.7. With standard RS232 interface, can connect with PC.

4.8. With electricity cut off protection function which can protect the stored measuring data, calibrating data and set parameter to be saved when meter is turned off or abnormal electricity cut off occurred.


1. Measuring Range:

a. mV: (-1999.99 ~ 0)mV, (0 ~ 1999.99)mV;

b. pH/pX: (-2.000 ~ 19.999) pH/pX;

c. Concentration: various concentration value in correspondence to potential measuring range and indicating electrode.

d. Conductivity: 0.000μS/cm ~ 199.9mS/cm

e. Resistivity: 5.00Ω.cm ~ 20MΩ.cm

f. TDS: 0.000mg/L ~ 19.99g/L

g. Salinity: (0.0 ~ 8.00)%

h. Dissolved oxygen concentration: (0.00 ~ 19.99)mg/L

i. Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0 ~ 199.9)%

j. Temperature: (-5.0 ~ 135.0) °C

2. Resolving :

a. pH/pX: 0.01/0.001pH

b. mV: 0.1/0.01mV

c. Dissolved Oxygen: 0.01mg/L

d. Saturation: 0.1%

e. Temperature: 0.1°C

3. Electronic Unit Accuracy:

a. pH/pX: ± 0.002pX ± 1 bit

b. mV: ± 0.03% (FS)

c. Ion concentration: ± 0.5% ± 1 bit

d. Conductivity: ± 0.5% (FS) ± 1 bit

e. TDS: ± 0.5% (FS) ± 1 bit

f. Salinity: ± 0.1% ± 1 bit

g. DO: ± 0.10mg/L

h. DO saturation: ± 1.0%

i. Temperature: ± 0.3°C± 1 bit

4. Input Impedance: 3x1012Ω

5. Normal working condition:

a. Ambient temperature : (5.0 ~ 35.0)°C

b. Relative humidity : ≤ 85%

c. Power supply: DC(9VDC, 800mA)

d. No performance-affected vibrations nearby.

e. No corrosive gases in surrounding

f. No strong electromagnetic interference except the geomagnetic fie

6. Outside Dimension: 290 x 200 x 70mm

7. Weight: 1Kg

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