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CE JY-99T1(48)-A AC&DC Analog panel meter - JY-99T1-A Analog panel meter

Experienced manufacture, CE certificate, Supplier for Russia, Thailand and Sri Lanka groups, High cost performance - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/CE-JY-99T1-48-A-AC-DC-Analog-panel-meter-10343550/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: JYINS Model Number: JY-99T1-A Analog panel meter Display Type: Analog Only Measuring Range: AC:0.5~50A,over 50A,add CT5A o... Accuracy Class: 1.5(over 60A class 2.5) Dimensions: Overall dimension:48*48mm Installa... White: Black

Product Features:

Experienced manufacture

CE certificate

Supplier for Russia, Thailand and Sri Lanka groups

High cost performance

Business Terms:

Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 20000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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CE JY-99T1(48)-A AC&DC Analog panel meter
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Carton, export type packing or according to your requirement

Delivery Detail: According to your quantity and your requirement

Specifications and Product Details:

Uses and applications,

This series of meters is a direct imitation of power measurement display instruments, measuring DC current and voltage, AC current and voltage, frequency, power factor, phase sequence, power, synchronization instructions and other non-power measurements. It has been widely used in a variety of AC and DC transmission and distribution systems, power control panels and other electrical devices, in the industries of maritime shipping, rail transport, chemical flameproof, low voltage equipment, construction equipment, generators, machinery equipment, etc. Being able to make electrical measurement and non-power measurement, it is a high-end instrument applied in general environmental conditions.

Standards and certifications,

The Jingying series of pointer meter is produced on the standard of GB/T7676-1998, and the digital meter is on the standard of GB/T22264-2008. Its safety performance is on the standard of GB4793 and IEC61010. The dial scale line and the pointer is designed to meet the German standards of DIN43790 and DIN43802. The shape and hole size of the meter is on the standards of GB/T1242 and IEC61554. All the products of Jingying meters Company have gone through the national CE certification, and have got ISO: 9001 certification.

The outer casing of the panel meter,

The base of the series of JY meters is made of TBT flame-retardant plastic, and its vicat temperature is 130°C. The outer shell is made of ABS flame-retardant plastic, and its vicat temperature is 85°C.

Changes caused by the temperature,

Temperature range for reference: 23°C±2°C, 13°C~23°C, and 23°C~33°C. The changes caused by the impact of temperature are not allowed to be out of the range of the level index ±100%.

The installation,

Unless specified, the meter is usually installed in a vertical position. Other installation positions such as horizontal and inclined position can be installed according to the customer's requirements. The corresponding level of accuracy is only valid to the regulated installation position. The meter has two kinds of instruction angles: right angle 90°and wide angle 250°.

Anti-vibration and anti-shock,

Anti-vibration: complies with the standard of IEC60068-2-6; frequency sweep range: 10-55-10Hz; displacement amplitude: ±0.15mm, ±0.3mm; frequency sweep cycles: 5 times; sweep rate: 10ct/min; maximum acceleration: 147m/s2(15g), 490m/s2(50g). RMS acceleration: 6.06g. vibration time: 15 min. Anti mechanical shock: complies with the standard of IEC60068-2-27.

Accuracy level,

The JY series of pointer meter: AC and DC voltmeter and ammeter to the level of 1.5 or 2.5, power meter to the level of 2.5, frequency meter to the level of 2.5, and power factor meter to the level of 2.5.

Overload ammeter,

The conventional overload multiple times should be once or twice, and it can be customized to once, twice, 3 times and so on according to the user's requirements. Its function is to indicate the approximate transient overload current value, such as the start-up current when the motor stars, and so on.

Extrinsic current shunt,

The voltage specifications of the extrinsic current shunt of DC ammeters are 150mV,100mV,75mV,60mV and 50mV, which can be customized. The resistance of the conducting wire connecting the meter and the current shunt should within the range of 15∼25mΩ, to ensure the accuracy of the meter.

The surface of the dial,

The surface of the dial uses aluminum alloy, white paint, black ink printing or laser printing. The dial can be customized according to the customer’s sample dials (overprint colors can be customized). The luminous dial uses the PC panel.

Zero regulator,

Except the reading meters without mechanical zero, all other meters have pre-positive zero regulator, used to adjust the meter’s mechanical zero.

Benefits of the product (the dial can be replaced),

For the JY series of pointer meter, you can open the sealing, insert or outer the dial. As for the AC ammeter, as long as the secondary current of the transformer is the same, you can replace the dial with the accuracy unchanged. As for the DC ammeter, as long as the shunt output signal or the meter input signal is the same, you can replace the dial even if the meter is of different specifications, with the accuracy unchanged.

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