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Hi if you can help me , i searching that metal detecteur
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Posted By: Jalal on October 16, 2020 23:34 From 41.92.65.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Industrial Metal Detectors

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Inquering Related Product: Pulse Star 2 - Pro

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Product Cateogry: Industrial Metal Detectors

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Pulse Star 2 - Pro

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Pulse Star II Pro

Pulse Star II Pro is the latest model in the line of deep metal detectors, manufactured by German company TB Metal Detectors.

Pulse technology in search of subjects proved to be for many. However, it should be noted that the detector Pulse Star II Pro is the first device in its segment, having a function of discrimination based on conductivity, which allows him to distinguish objects from non-ferrous metal objects from the black. Thus, the combination of great depth search with the possibility of discrimination makes this metal detector is really outstanding and allows him to solve a huge range of tasks to search for deeply buried treasures, coins, military curiosities, historical relics, utilities, military equipment or sunken objects.

Moreover, the metal detector Pulse Star II Pro is not complicated to use and has simple, intuitive interface, with audible and visual (LED) display.

All this makes the basic equipment detector Pulse Star II Pro ideal for beginners depth.With it you can not only gain experience, but also to understand what improvements are suitable to achieve your goals precisely. This will help you a number of search terms that you can connect to a metal detector Pulse Star II Pro via standardized connectors:

Search within 1 m x 1 m and 2 m x 2 m - the major search elements that are the hallmark of the detector.
Search coil of 25 cm and 45 cm - the most universal search elements to detect objects of ferrous and nonferrous metals.
Search cylindrical probe with a 10-meter waterproof cable - a great aid in finding objects in places such as wells, mines, and caves.
Universal search loop 8 m - allows you to create a framework and any form of coils.
Waterproof extension cable length of 30 m for the search frame size from 1 m x 1 m or more.
Basic equipment Pulse Star II Pro Standard includes:

Electronic block detector in a leather case
Plastic case with shockproof inserts for electronics and chargers
1x1 m search box of four parts
Belts for the search scope of 1x1 m
Cover for 1x1 m search framework of four parts
Mains Charger
Instruction detector in Russian and English.
Battery life with the included headphones is approximately 10 hours. Charging the battery may occur as the network and on the car charger. With the proper mode of operation will require replacement of the battery is not earlier than 3 years.

For all the simplicity and reliability of a metal detector Pulse Star II Pro, for efficient and continuous operation should follow some simple rules:

Do not spill water on the electronic unit;
Do not keep the battery fully discharged for a metal detector for more than 24 hours.
Be extremely careful when diving search terms. They are not designed for underwater search, though, and are waterproof.

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