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Posted By: Mehran on June 09, 2017 07:10 From 5.122.99.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Gas Meters

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Inquering Related Product: Gas Flow Computer - GFC-147

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Place of Origin: Punjab IndiaBrand Name: CosmicModel Number: GFC-147

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We are India's Leading Manufacturer of Gas Flow Computer.

Product Cateogry: Gas Meters

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Gas Flow Computer

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Working principle of a Gas Flow Computer

  • We know that real or compressible gases expand with rising temperature, and compress with rising pressure and vice versa. This means that the same mass of gas will have different volumes at different sets of Temperature and Pressure conditions. In other words, the density of such Gases is heavily dependent on the Pressure and Temperature.

  • Therefore just Volumetric flow measurement is not suitable for such gases. It is a must to monitor the Mass Flow. Alternatively, the actual Volumetric Flow for gases is often represented as "Normalised" or "corrected" to standard pressure and temperature conditions.Mostly measured in Nm3/hr or SCFM , this is the volumetric flow of the same mass of gas , had it been flowing at "standard" or "normal" Temperature and Pressure conditions ( STP / NTP).

  • The above mentioned change in gas density is a complex mathematical function of Temperature, Pressure and the physical and chemical properties of the Gas.

GFC-147...the perfect solution to your Gas Flow measurement needs

  • Sometimes referred to as EFM ( Electronic Flow Meter) or Mass Flow Computer ( MFM) , our Gas Flow Computer GFC-147 has an internal database of physical properties of most commonly used industrial gases.

  • It measures Gas Pressure and Temperature , and uses extremely complex algorithms for calculations of Gas Density & Compressibility... all in real time.

  • It also uses algorithms confirming to International standards like ISO 5167 to compute Flow from Orifice Plates, Venturis, Flow Nozzles, Pitot Tubes etc. and corrects for factors like Reynolds number when the flow is computed.
  • So, it can be connected to any of these standard Flow measuring systems such as:

  1. Vortex Flowmeter
  2. Orifice Plate, DPT
  3. Pitot Tube, Venturi ,'Verabar' etc.

  • The Flow Computer can easily be interfaced to SCADA or DCS systems as various options like Analog Retransmission and RS485-MODBUS outputs are available.

Salient Features

  • Extensive Database of gases

  1. Compressed Air
  2. Ammonia
  3. Iso-Butane
  4. N-Butane
  5. CO2
  6. CO
  7. Chlorine
  8. Ethane
  9. Ethylene
  10. Helium
  11. Hydrogen
  12. Methane
  13. Nitrogen
  14. Oxygen
  15. Propane
  16. Propylene
  17. Argon
  18. LPG

Please do contact us even if your gas is not included in the above database.

Multi-parameter Display-

  1. Volumetric Flow
  2. Mass Flow
  3. Gas Pressure
  4. Gas Temperature
  5. Gas Density
  6. Compressibility
  7. Mass Total
  8. Normalised Flow
  9. Normalised Total

  • Preset Temperature or Pressure values

The values of Temperature and Pressure can be programmed in case on-line signals are not available or a transmitter failure.

  • Two levels of passwords,

One for the user and another for instrument configuration to avoid un-authorised tampering.

  • Non-volatile memory to retain Totalised Flow, no batteries to change or fail.
  • Isolated Retransmission 4-20ma analog output , can be dedicated to represent any variable.
  • Isolated RS485/RS232 MODBUS interface Graphical Trend for Flow

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