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Posted By: Bosco Monjo on October 14, 2020 37:33 From 102.70.2.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Testing Equipment

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Inquering Related Product: FADOS 7F1 Fault Detector - FADOS7F1

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Bursa TurkeyBrand Name: FADOSModel Number: FADOS7F1
Power: ElectronicUsage: electronic card testing 

Product Features:

* FADOS7F1 FAult Detector & OScilloscope

* Designed for finding electronic card faults and testing.

Product Cateogry: Testing Equipment

Business Term:

Port: Gemlik, Istanbul / Turkey

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,paypal

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FADOS 7F1 Fault Detector

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:The product comes in its standard box
Delivery Detail:3 - 20 Days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

FADOS7F1 FAult Detector and OScilloscope 7 Functions in 1 Device

The easiest way to find fault in the electronic cards is to use FADOS7F1.

7 Features:
1. Double-channel Fault Detection (VI Graph)
2. Fault Detection by Comparison from Memory
3. Equivalent Circuit Diagram ***
4. Measuring of Resistor, Capacitor, and Diode ***
5. Double-channel Digital PC Oscilloscope
6. Square Wave Signal Output
7. Analogue Voltage Output (2,5 mV Sensitivity)
*** These features are unique

Fault Detector- VI Tester Screen


Additional Functions of FADOS7F1

Comparison of Memorized Test. Test card is harmonious with referance card.

Test card is disharmonius with referance card. (LM324 Output isn't good.)

Bad capacitor on the test card.

Good a N Ch. MOSFET (IRFP450)

Fault Detection Technics at Electronic Cards:

1. Using Oscilloscope:
Advantage: Used actively in order to control frequency values and signals.
Disadvantage: In case of power supply faults, damaged power circuit, or short circuit; supplying power to the card may cause to aggravate the problem and may cause more components to get damaged. It does not measure the value of components.

2. Using Multimeter:
Advantage: Resistance and diode is measured without supplying power to the card.
Disadvantage: Voltage value applied to the card at resistance degree is lower than 0.5 V. It is about 2V at measuring diode. For this reason, it is not possible to determine the faulty components at many points. Measuring only one value at touched point makes to determine the fault difficult. Values of some components can not be measured because of the influence of some other components on the card. For example, if resistor and capacitor are parallel, it can not measure the capacitor value or shows a false value.

3. Using Other Current-Voltage (VI) Test Device:
Advantage: Applies a signal to the touched point without supplying power to the card, and compose current-voltage graph. It provides great advantage by composing the graph of touched point at –5V + 5V and at higher voltages and activating conduction at diodes; and eases finding faults since it reveals reverse-voltage leakages.
Disadvantage: Other VI Tester do not have the feature of measuring the values of components. Most of the models do not have oscilloscope feature. When needed, oscilloscope or multi-meter should exist besides VI test device. Since VI Tester with cathode-tube are huge and heavy, they can not be carried easily.

4. Ideal Solution: Using FADOS7F1:
1. FADOS7F1 has all the advantageous features of the mentioned devices, and more. It is a double-channel VI Test device, and all graphs are composed at 2.5 mV sensitivity. For this reason, it is very sensitive.
2. At VI Test, by the help of memory feature, it is possible to save the features of solid card to memory and then, to compare with the faulty card sensitively.
3. In order to lower the loss of time during test procedure, it sounds different at compatible and incompatible points. By this way, you can major in the card and make the comparison quickly without any need to look at the card and/or screen steadily.
4. Shows 3 different graphs composed at 3 different steps (Selected current-voltage-frequency steps).
5. Component values can be measured as of multi-meter. Additionally, it shows the values of all components at touched point besides equivalent circuit diagram. This is unique feature.
6. It has oscilloscope feature and it can be used as double-channel memory oscilloscope.
7. By using square-wave signal output, signal is applied to circuit; then, it is possible to see the other channel and output signals at oscilloscope screen.
8. It is easy to carry since it is small. It can be carried in a laptop briefcase.
9. Including many more features explained above, it is like a Swiss knife of people dealing with electronics. You can use any one of the features of FADOS7F1, when you need.

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