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Buy Lead: Aquarium touch screen controller with special remote control (See details)

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I am from south Africa and would like to purchase this aquarium controller . Will you be able to help me .
Where can I buy it.

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Posted By: indran on April 28, 2017 42:50 From 41.0.148.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Temperature Instruments

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Inquering Related Product: Aquarium touch screen controller with special remote control - HMAQ-1107

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: TcontrollerModel Number: HMAQ-1107
Usage: IndustrialTheory: Temperature Controllercertificate: CE
special: fish  

Product Features:

Aquarium touch screen controller with special remote control

large-screen touch-screen display

advance artificial intelligence

Product Cateogry: Temperature Instruments

Business Term:

Port: Shanghai

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month 1

Payment Terms: T/T

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Aquarium touch screen controller with special remote control

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:box
Delivery Detail:1day

Specifications and Product Details:

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Aquarium touch screen controller is an economical and easy to operate new controller. This product is the latest development of the large-screen aquarium controller, using large-screen touch-screen display, richer and show more clearly.

Using Advance artificial intelligence control algorithm with Auto turning

Using the latest touch-button technology, high technology

Switching power supply with wide range, more stable and reliable performance


  • Working voltage: 90V~240VAC 50~60Hz
  • The total load power: less-than 2000W
  • Water pump air pump power: less-than 500W
  • Heat output power (220 VAC): less-than 1000W (110 VAC less-than 500W)
  • The fuse specification: 10A/250V
  • Temperature range: 0 ~ 44 degree C
  • Room temperature precision: ±0.1 degree C
  • Water temperature precision: ±1 degree C
  • The 1104 series
  • Panel shape size: 175 * 80 * 28mm
  • Liquid crystal size: 48.5*116mm
  • Installation size: 143* 74*24mm (embedded installation)
  • The 1107 series:
  • Panel shape size: 147*73*19mm
  • Liquid crystal size: 40*106mm
  • Installation size: 139 * 65*17mm (embedded installation)


(Horizontal and vertical:Function is the same,just position just show the vertical panel)


5. Accessories and wiring:

As shown in accordance with, the corresponding cable to the corresponding position, lamp 1 and lamp 2 can be confusing connections


  • If you do not need to, you can only connect a water pump;
  • Plus hot in the summer you can not connect;
  • Lighting is to facilitate other operations and settings, and only when the operation will work, when not turned off!

The special remote control of aquarium controller


10 meters of barrier-free wireless remote control

Power supply:two batteries (with AAA sign)

Components:a remote control

Functions:lighting control, sterilization (UV light), pump 1, and pump 2, the oxygen pump switch;

Tips: If the remote control distances close and the lights became dim, we advise you to change the battery.

Please buy the battery by yourself!

The power cord plug (we supply two different plugs):


6. Mode:Manual mode and Automatic mode

Manual mode: All control is manual in addition to temperature control and doesn't run by time. In addition to heating and cooling relays, the other relays each power up is turned off by default.

All through the time control system functions are controlled manually, not by time to run. Without time control function, but also the factory default parameter values, if the factory defaults parameter values are unsuitable, but can be reset.

Automatic mode:

Lamp 1 turn-on time: 7:00 Light 1 turn-off time: 18:00

Light 2 turn-on time: 7:00 Light 2 turn-off time: 18:00

UV turn-on time: 7:00 UV turn-off time: 17:00.

Water Pump time: 24 hours continuous operation

Oxygen time: 24 hours continuous operation

Note: Data of many parameters for the standard mode are fixed, so the items needed to be set are relatively small.

The turn-on and turn-off of many functions for manual mode are manually operating, so the items needed to be set are relatively small.

during setting if there is no button operation for 10 seconds, it will automatically save the data has been set and exit setup.

Choose to run the tank model is based on programmed, the system default is ten hours, if more than this time and no one operation (manual mode), the system according to automatic mode.

7. Temperature control mode:

Heating rods: When the actual temperature "Settings value of 1 degree C, the temperature control relay, the heating rods began to heat up. Actual temperature> set value, the temperature control relay bounce, heating rods stop heating. (Such as setting the water temperature is 30.0 degree C, <29.0 degree C temperature relay,> 30.0 degree C temperature relay bounce.)

8. NOTE:

  • In order to ensure the smooth completion of the installation the Lord, before the installation, please read the description and illustrations.
  • Controller installation, tear open outfit Ming, must turn off the switch. And confirm whether power tools such as voltage completely cut off.
  • Controller before installation, please sure to have an electrician for professional staff qualification you installed.

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