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30M Signal Generator(CA1642P-40) - CA1642P-40

*Sweep frequency range: 10mHz~10MHz, *Sweep time: 10ms ~50s, *Sweep mode: linear sweep frequency, logarithmic sweep - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/30M-Signal-Generator-CA1642P-40-10033184/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: UF Model Number: CA1642P-40

Product Features:

*Sweep frequency range: 10mHz~10MHz

*Sweep time: 10ms ~50s

*Sweep mode: linear sweep frequency, logarithmic sweep

Business Terms:

Port: Shenzhen

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Day

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal

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30M Signal Generator(CA1642P-40)
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Specifications and Product Details:

CA1642 series uses the latest Direct Digital synthesis(DDS)technology and FPGA designation to generate stable,high resolution output frequency.duction lines and the teaching and research. Large scale integrated circuits,super-speed ECL, TTL circuits and high-speed micro-processor technique are adopted into the instrument. Anti-interference technique has been improved greatly by surface plating technique in internal circuits.Interactive menu in English is adopted for the operation interface.And the performances of the keys have been improved effectively so that users do not need to operate keys frequently.DDS equipment with dual signal output.This instrument has such signal generating function as,frequency modulation,amplitude modulation, phase modulation,FSK,ASK,PSK,frequency sweeping,phase sweeping,etc,and any counts generation function for function signals.

Frequency characteristics:

Main wave
main wave form: Sine, Square, Triangle, TTL, Arbitrary
Frequency Range: 1uHz ~10MHz
Precision: 1uHz
Frequency error: ±5×10-6
Frequency stability: ±1×10-6

Sub wave
Frequency range: main wave form:10mHz~200kHz
Precision: 10mHz
Frequency error: ±5×10-6
Frequency stability: ±1×10-6
Amplitude characteristics:

Main wave
Amplitude range: 10mVp-p~20Vp-p
Amplitude precision: 10mV
Amplitude stability: ±0.5%,each 5 hours
Amplitude error: ±(1%+2mV) (1kHz,20Vp-p)

Sub wave
Amplitude range: 100mVp-p~20Vp-p (the minimum signal amplitude < 100mV when the output is –60dB)
Amplitude precision: 100mV
Amplitude stability: ±0.5%,each 5 hours
Amplitude error: ±(1%+2mV) (1kHz,20Vp-p )

Bias characteristics:
Bias range:-5V~+5V
Bias precision: 10mV

Frequency modulation characteristics:
Modulation mode: internal,external;
Modulation signal: sine (FM), Square wave (FSK),triangle;ext-signal;
Modulation frequency: 0~200kHz(internal);1Hz~100kHz(external);
Depth: 100%of carried wave frequency.

Amplitude modulation characteristics:
Modulation mode: internal and external modulation
Modulation signal: sine (AM), Square wave (ASK) ,triangle(internal modulation)
External input signal (external modulation)
Modulation frequency: 0~200kHz (internal modulation)
1Hz~100kHz (external modulation)
Modulation depth: 0%~120% (internal modulation)
Note: external modulation input is on the back base of the instrument, please choose proper scope when you use.

Phase modulation characteristics:
Modulation signal: sine (AM), Square wave (ASK) ,triangle(internal modulation)
Modulation frequency: 0~200kHz (internal modulation)
1Hz~100kHz (external modulation)
Phase modulation range: 0°-360.0°
Definition: 1°

Sweep frequency characteristics:
Sweep frequency range: 10mHz~10MHz
Sweep time: 10ms ~50s
Sweep mode: linear sweep frequency, logarithmic sweep frequency

Technical index of Frequency/counter:
Frequency measuring range: 1Hz~60MHz,
Min.input voltage: internal attenuator open: 1V
internal attenuator close:100mV
Max. allowable input voltage :20V
Measuring gate time: 0.1s (fast) 1s (slow)
“Internal low pass” characteristics:
frequency ending:100kHz
Counting capacity: 10 bits (decimal system)
Control mode: manually
USB interface;

Working temperature: -10~50°C
Storage temperature: -20~70°C; keep dried
Relative humidity: ≤90%
AC output voltage: 220 VAC±10%
AC output freqenucy: 50Hz±5%
Power consumption: 5W
Length: 300mm
Width: 265mm
Height: 145mm
Weight: About 2.1kg

Product Features
*Excellent DDS and FPGA technology
*Frequency range: 1μHz ~ 10MHz
*Frequency accuracy: 1μHz(Small signal accuracy: 10mV(attenuation 0dB))
*Adjustable duty cycle of sine,triangle and square wave
*Function of arbitrary
*Function of Counter
*Sub-wave output function
*INT/EXT and AM/FM/PM modulation
*Linear sweep and logarithmic sweep mode*
*Waveform storage
*Power output
*USB interface

Product Accessories
Signal output cables 2 pieces
USB Line 1 piece
Power plug 1 piece
Power fuse 1 piece
User manual 1 book

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