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2011 Latest quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer and skin analyzer - Lz-6054

1.quantum magnetic resonance analyzer, 2.testing 30 body organs, 3.Offers all kinds of language, 4.skin and body analyzer, 5.CE - more info check here: http://www.buymeasuringtools.com/2011-Latest-quantum-magnetic-resonance-body-analyzer-and-skin-analyzer-10013840/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: Laizhong Model Number: Lz-6054 color:: white Type:: Altogether has six kind of editions Four releases:: The version of English and Span... four releases:: Russian version and French vers... function:: skin analyzer type:: Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer Item:: testing 30 body organs Function:: Analyzer MOQ:: 1 pcs Mini size:: 19*12*5cm

Product Features:

1.quantum magnetic resonance analyzer

2.testing 30 body organs

3.Offers all kinds of language

4.skin and body analyzer


Business Terms:

Port: Guangzhou

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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2011 Latest quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer and skin analyzer
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: Standard exported carton

Delivery Detail: 3-7 Working Days

Specifications and Product Details:

Protable quantum magnetic resonance analyzer skin body analyzer

language version:
3.Russian ,French

8 releases:The version of English, Spanish version, Russian,Hungarian version, French version.

Testing 30 body organs

1.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
2.Gastrointestinal function
3.Liver function

4.Gallbladder function
5.Pancreatic function
6.Kidney function
7.Lung function
8.Brain nerve
9.Bone disease
10.Bone mineral density
11.Rheumatoid bone disease
12.Blood sugar
13.Basic physical quality
14.Human toxin
15.Trace element
16.Endocrine system
17.Immune System


19.Endocrine System

20.Immune System

21. Male Sex Function

22.Breast Analysis

23.Eletment of human

24. Amino acids test

25.testing 30 body organs.

The main interface of quantum detecting is as following:

1)Personnel Management Interface

Click ‘Personnel Management’ button in Toolbar, the ‘Personnel Management’ interface will appear (the Picture above). This interface is mainly used for managing all detected people’s basic information. On the left, it shows customers’ profiles, and on the other side, it’s all customers’ basic information and detecting record..


The information of the detected member is shown as following: Name, Gender, Birthday( D/M/Y), Height, Weight, etc. Click ‘ Storage’ to keep the information.(Note: Name, gender, birthday, height, weight are necessary to input, but other information are optional.)

Detecting Operation Process

Before the computer is power on, check out whether the computer, the analyzer, the printer and other device well connected and the detecting rod’s detector should be inserted tightly.

  1. Detect and record the detected member’s basic information(e.g. name, gender, birthday and so on).
  2. After power on, please check whether the computer, the analyzer, the printer and some other device work well.
  3. Remind the detected people of keeping relax and breathe balance and no talking.
  4. The detected people should grasp the detecting rod with left hand or right hand.
  5. Close the other application program, and turn on the quantum resonant magnetic analyzer to detect.
  6. 7.During detecting process, the detected person’s skin shouldn’t be touched.
  7. Clean up the detecting device after detecting and make them in well stand-by.


1. The detecting chamber should keep clean, tidy and quite. Be aware of safe use electricity.

2. Before detecting, take away all the mental and communication equipment from the detected people, and put them in proper place.

3. The people whose heart installs the heart pacemaker are not suitable for detecting.

4. The power and the system should be checked whether in good condition at work time.

5. During checking process, in order to avoid damaging checking system, the operation principle should be abided strictly.

6. Before off work, the power should shut down, and all the device and detecting equipment should be cleaned up, and keep them in good stand-by.


  1. Don’t drink alcohols, coffee, and don’t eat health products and try best not to take pill before 2 days to have detect.
  2. Live a regular life and sleep well 2 days before detecting.
  3. After intensive sports, please have a rest for 1 to 2 hour and then, have detecting.
  4. The detected person had better to keep half empty stomach to have detecting.
  5. The clothes should be loose and warm.
  6. Take away the mental and some communication appliance before detecting.
  7. Keep relax and breathe balance, no talking while detecting.


  1. The technique of the analyzer is so sophisticated that the technicians should work harder, get much experiment and improve their detecting skill.
  2. During the detecting process, the operator should keep peaceful mind and patient. Besides, the technician should treat the detected person kindly and do the operation carefully and properly. The acupoint should be set accurately.
  3. Before detecting, the detected member’s basic information, such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and some other related issue should be recorded.
  4. The technician should be responsible for cleaning, maintaining, serving and storing the analyzer and some other related device.
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